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Hello From Camp!

Laundry Day

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Thanks to feedback from Galil parents last summer, we are switching to a new laundry service this summer: Westside Laundry.  Westside has been in the laundry business for six decades and we are thrilled to be partnering with them.  They wrote the note below to help our families ensure that every article of clothing down to the last sock returns with your child at the end of camp!basket of laundry 

In addition to their suggestions below, Galil has partnered with two companies that provide easy clothing label alternatives: 

Stuck on You: choose your color and design, then add your name to create personalized labels. 

Name Dropper: a self-inking stamp that is custom made with your camper's name.   

A note from our friends at Westside Laundry: 

If you have sent your son or daughter to camp you may have wondered, "Where does all their laundry disappear to during the summer?" Here at West Side Laundry we have 63 years of experience investigating that very question.  Below is a list of recommendations that we have gathered and found most helpful to both the novice and most experience camping parents.  After all, clothes aren't cheap, and doing a few simple things can help avoid those nasty losses we all dread.   

A.  Make certain that EVERY item of clothing is marked with your child's full name.  We cannot emphasize this enough.  Remember, there are bound to be other campers with names like Rachel or David so be certain you mark the full name of your child.   

B. be sure to use a permanent marker.  Black sharpie pens usually work best, in our opinion.  Labels that are sewn on are fantastic if you have the time.  Beware of the iron-on labels; those tend to fall off after several washes.  One important point, be sure not to mark dark clothing with a dark marker.  This may be common sense but we've seen more than our share of black pants marked with black ink than we'd like to mention.  For items like these we do encourage the sewn on labels.  Marking on the tag usually never fails but try to be clear (all you guys and gals with short last names don't know how good you have it). 

C. Please don't hide the markings!  We'd prefer that hide-and-seek be left to the campers. Parents have contacted us in the past concerned that markings of their son's or daughter's clothing will ruin the clothes.  If you're concerned that an item of clothing may be ruined by labeling it then that item likely would be better off left at home.  So where do we recommend you mark your clothes? For shorts, pants, swimsuits, underwear, etc. the back of the waistband usually works well.  The neck tag is a good location to mark camper t-shirts, sweatshirts, and undershirts.  Socks mark well near the toe; and blankets, pillow cases, and sleeping bags can be marked around the hem. 

The exact science of missing laundry will remain an ongoing mystery.  Let's face it, how many mismatched socks do we have paired in our own homes that we blame on the washer that must have eaten the matching sock?  Even after 63 years in laundry business we're still hard at work trying to solve the mystery.  However, we can limit it with your help.  By following these three simple recommendations I can promise, you will be far less likely to ask, "Where does all the laundry disappear to during the summer?"