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Hello From Camp!

Test Your Shaliach IQ

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Have you met the latest addition to the Galil community?  Oded is our new shaliach (Israel Emissary)!  In honor of his birthday, we hope that everyone will take the time to get to know Oded and welcome him into our camping family.  Take our test below to see how much you already know about him!  

Oded currently lives in: 

  1. New Jersey 
  2. Philadelphia 
  3. Ohio 
But he grew up in: 
  1.  Jerusalem 
  2. Hod HaSharon 
  3. Boston 
In the army, Oded served in this type of unit: 
  1. Air Force 
  2. Infantry Brigade 
  3. Social Work 
After the army he traveled to the follow country to do relief work: 
  1. Guatemala 
  2. Haiti 
  3. Uzbekistan 
To celebrate his birthday this year, Oded will be found here: 
  1.  On the beaches of Tel Aviv 
  2. At Galil's Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Ceremony in Philadelphia 
  3. Riding an elephant in India 
If you're planning to make a cake for Oded's birthday, you should probably choose this flavor: 
  1. Vanilla 
  2. Chocolate 
  3. Strawberry   
If you answered mostly 1s:  Good try, but you need to brush up a little bit more on Oded trivia.  Check out his bio or invite him to speak at your synagogue about Israel, the army, his time in Haiti, and more! 


If you answered mostly 2s:  Mazel tov!  You are quite the chaver (friend)!  Don't forget to say "happy birthday" to Oded when you see him at the Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Ceremony this afternoon. 


If you answered mostly 3s: You win some, you lose some.  Oded will be around all year at ken events and at Galil all summer.  Check out our community calendar and registration page to make sure you spend some quality time with him in the next year! 




November at a Glance

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 pumpkin imageWe hope everyone on the East Coast survived the surprising snowstorm!  This weather reminds us that summer really is over...but that there's still lots happening in the Galil community! 


100 Years of Secular Jewish Schools, Camps and Culture   

Camp Galil is co-sponsoring this incredible celebration of Judaism in Philadelphia over the past 100 years.  Join us at the National Museum of American Jewish History on Sunday November 6th for an afternoon of speakers and performers, including songs by current Galilniks! 

To participate, please e-mail  For more information about the event, contact Ilana at   

Yitzhak Rabin Memorial  

Don't miss this fantastic exhibit and memorial ceremony created by Galil's new shaliach (Israel emissary), Oded!  All campers, families, and alumni are invited to join Camp Galil, USY, and BBYO at the National Liberty Museum on Sunday November 6th as we remember Rabin and other activists for peace.  To learn more, please visit the Facebook event.   

Camp Galil at Mishkan Shalom  

Join us on Sunday November 20th at Mishkan Shalom to speak with prospective families about what makes Galil such a unique, camping community.  If you can't make it, let your friends know about the event -- pass along this flyer and help Galil grow!   

Franklin Institute Visit 

What better way to spend a day off from school than learning with your camp friends?  Join Eizor Galil as we take on Philadelphia's Franklin Institute on Friday November 25th!   

Eizor Annual Bowling Tournament 

Finish off the long weekend at Eizor Galil's 3rd Annual Bowling Tournament!  Save the date for Sunday November 27th and check back soon for more details.   

Registration Discount Deadline 

Don't forget to register for Summer 2012!  We are offering the following discounts for families that register by December 15th: 

  • $300 off for a Full Summer camper 
  • $200 off for a Four Week camper 
  • $150 off for a Three Week camper 
  • $100 off for a Two Week camper 
Registration is online here.  Contact Ilana at for a hard copy of our enrollment forms.  Refer your friends and family today and save big on your tuition! 

Check back often for updates and new events.  We hope to see you soon! 

Let Us Hear From You: Become a Guest Blogger

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Dear Galil Community,  

three friends outside summer 2011As the nights get colder and the leaves change color, Galilniks of all ages remember the special days, pool parties, and sports games they enjoyed each summer in Ottsville.  What better way to reminisce than to share your story with the Galil community?!  Become a Galil guest blogger today! brothers 8.5.11 


 Need inspiration?  Share a story about your time at camp -- a favorite memory, favorite activity, or how you bring Galil home with you each year or into your adult life.  Reflect upon Galil's influence upon your life.  Share tips about camp that you wish you knew when your child first started.  Describe how you incorporate cultural Judaism and Galil traditions into your daily life.  Our professional staff will help you throughout the process with more ideas and writing support! 


 Sign up and get started now!  Contact Ilana at with any questions. 

October At A Glance

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At the Gan!What's in store for the Galil community this month?  Find out below!  Events are also posted on our community calendar and our Facebook page.  Check back often for updates and new opportunities.  We hope to see you soon! 

Alumni Sukkot Potluck Dinner  

Come join us at Camp Galil on Sunday, October 9th to eat a potluck dinner under the stars!  Alumni from 1946 to the 21st century and their families are invited to this event.  Please RSVP to Ilana at or (609) 558-1395 with how many people will attend and what dairy dish you plan to bring. 

Early Bird Registration Deadline    

Don't wait to register for Summer 2012!  If you sign up by October 15th with a $600 deposit and you will receive the following discounts:  

  •  $400 for a Full Summer Camper 
  •  $275 for a Four Week Camper 
  •  $200 for a Three Week Camper 
  •  $150 for a Two Week Camper  

Eizor Sukkot Activity  

Spend an afternoon celebrating Sukkot with your friends from camp!  On October 15th we will be holding regional activities in the Main Line, Cheltenham, and Center City Philadelphia for our campers.   

Eizor Apple Picking in New Jersey  

Camp Galil comes to Princeton to pick apples on Sunday, October 23rd!  Nothing says "Fall is here!" like a beautiful afternoon outside enjoying local fruit.  We hope to see you there! 

Eizor Community Service Project  

We continue our partnership with the Urban Tree Connection by doing more tikkun olam (healing the world) projects with this wonderful organization!  Join us on Sunday, October 30th to continue the beautification of Philadelphia by planting urban gardens with the Galil community.