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Hello From Camp!

Meet...Danya Shapiro, Infirmary Assistant and Professional Chuppah Maker

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The littlest Galilnik this summer isn't in Amelim; in fact, she's still seven years away from being old enough to be in Amelim.  She's Ruthie Becker, the one-year-old daughter of Danya Shapiro and her husband Matt, a long-time Galil alum.  Ruthie is spending her summer with Danya in Galil's infirmary. danya1 

Danya has major Habonim Dror street cred: as a camper at Tavor (our sister camp in the Midwest), a member of Workshop 47, a counselor, a summer director, the Habonim Dror North America treasurer, and counselor for Workshop 55 in Israel.  Now, Danya, Matt, and Ruthie live in Doylestown, where Danya is a fabric artist.  She hand-makes chuppot (wedding canopies), challah covers, tzedakah boxes, and wall-hangings for individuals, families, and synagogues. 

danya2Danya uses mostly patchwork and applique techniques.  She enjoys working with nature themes, especially trees because of the resonances that it has within Jewish culture.  As you can see from the picture, just like at the infirmary, Ruthie likes to help out! 

Check out My Perfect Chuppah now!  Danya will give a 20% discount to anyone who mentions Camp Galil when they place their order. 

Asefa Clalit

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 hydepark1Every Friday after lunch, the entire machaneh (camp) gets together and sits in Hyde Park to discuss camp and provide feedback.  Each and every member of our community is allowed to go up to the front and share any thoughts they have. 

 Most of the responses fall under three categories:   

 1. "I loved this meal!  We should have it more!"  

 2. Reminders to each other to clean up after themselves.  

 3. Feedback on special days or events, especially campers' favorite part of the day.  

  hydepark2This part of the day is called "asefa clalit" because it is modeled after the meetings that the community has on a kibbutz. It's important for everyone to get together and to share their thoughts so that we can better everything we do.  In addition, it emphasizes the role that each and every one of us have at Galil, and that we can all define how camp runs.  

 Tonight, the Sayarim are performing the skit (or oneg).  Kabbalat Shabbat is being led by the Chotrim.  We are all excited to relax through this Shabbat, but sad to say goodbye to our two weekers on Sunday.

  hydepark3Happy 11th birthday to Shayne Kanner of Chotrim!  

 Shabbat Shalom and Lailah Tov!  

 Molly Bernstein  

 P.S. We are so proud to be one of the ten camps partnering with the Jewish Teen Funders Network to run programming for our oldest campers about philanthropy, Judaism, and social responsibility.  Check out this article that explains the program!