Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Shalom Chaverim V’Mishpachot,

Shalom Friends and Families,

On this sunny morning, machaneh (camp) gathered at the toran (flagpole) to raise the flags for the day. As per tradition, the Amelimot (post-3rd and 4th grade) staged an “Amelution” (Amelimot Revolution) to kick out all the older chanichimot (campers) and madrichimot (counselors). This is a copy of the Madatz (post-11th grade junior counselors) Revolution from earlier this week! They did not run any activities for camp, but the\ ate ice cream and enjoyed their special moment.  

In the early afternoon, the Amelimot made “warm and fuzzies”, a booklet for each kid to sign their names and write memories for each other to have during the year. The Sayarimot (post-6th grade) also made “warm and fuzzies” to wrap up the summer. The Chotrimot (post-5th grade) made a music video! It will be amazing for those chanichimot to see the video years from now and remark on how little and cute they used to be. The Tzophimot (post-7th grade) are on the high ropes today! This is their first time experiencing high ropes, and the energy down there is exciting and playful. The Bonimot (post-8th grade) talked about the pillars of Habonim Dror, as the younger kids did yesterday.

And now, I introduce a very special guest from Bogrimot (post-9th grade)!!


Greetings from Galil! My name is Jonah Wade and I am a member of Bogrimot. For the past few weeks, we have been carefully planning Bozman-an evening activity totally planned by us. After much deliberation, we decided on the theme “Boz-Munch”. This night completely involves food and snacking. After breaking Bozman at dinner, we will have a delicious meal of Mac N’Cheese and pizza bagels. After dinner, each Shikvah (age group) will dress up in a different food themed color and head to the moadon (clubhouse) for a messibah (party) which will feature stations like “Top Chef cooking competition”, “fishing for ramen”, and “candy grams”. Bogrimot are so excited to be running the night for machaneh and see our hard work come to fruition.

Signing off for now,


The Bogrimot have worked so hard for this night and they are so excited to show machaneh what they got!!

Munch ya later,


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