Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Friday, August 03, 2018

Classic Shabbat During Mifgash!

Shabbat Shalom, Galil Community!

Today as we welcomed in the weekend, we also welcomed many friends from other machanchot (camps) in Habonim Dror. The Bogrimot (campers entering 10th grade) and Madatz (counselors in training) from Camp Moshava in Maryland and the Madatz from Camp Gesher in Ontario traveled their respective distances to spend shabbat with us. Their arrival marked the start of mifgash (meeting), a highly anticipated gathering of our oldest chanichimot (campers) that happens every year. Mifgash is a special time, as chanichimot get to meet people the same age in the same movement from other places in the world. For the Bogrimot, this is the time to meet people before MBI, Habonim Dror’s Summer in Israel Program, and for the Madatz, this is the time to see old friends from last summer in Israel together. We are all so excited to see what the rest of this weekend brings!


While our older age groups were spending time with their friends from afar, the rest of machaneh was enjoying a regular Friday, waiting for sundown for the start of Shabbat. Following our weekly ritual of muffins for breakfast, we all went to avoda (work groups), where we worked for an extended period to make machaneh look clean and beautiful for the weekend. After that, the race was on. We do nikayon tzrif (cabin cleaning) every day, but it is never more intense than it is on Friday, for everyone is on the quest for the Golden Broom. The kvutzah (age group) that shows the most diligent cleaning, the most thoughtful folding, the most punctilious dusting, will be rewarded this prize Friday night. Chanichimot spend their whole we


ek in pursuit of this flaxen bristle, but the cream rises to the top, and only one singular kvutzah can walk away with this prize. One who has not seen such beauty, who has not so eloquently received the broom, taken it in one’s arms, moved it along the floor, and left a golden aura over all it brushed, one who has not had such experience is living in the dark. Like all Fridays, everyone put in lots of effort today, and the winners of the Golden Broom will be announced tonight!


During Shabbat Shira (Friday Singing), our chanichimot carried on a long lasting tradition of dressing up in wacky clothing to show ruach (spirit). This custom has been dwindling in past years, but it’s always great to see it making a comeback! When it began to rain, we all ran into the moadon (recreational building) until we were all at lunch—pizza day!DSC02856

When it was time for mischak hashavua (sport of the week), the clouds tucked away, and the sun came out. Though it was very humid, we enjoyed the reprieve of rainfall from these last few days. Our chanichmot and madrichimot (counselors) played an intense game of soccer, and hit the showers and dressed for shabbat afterwards.

Tonight will be a classic shabbat at Galil—dinner of chicken, potatoes, and matzo balls, rikud (Israeli folk dancing), and avotea (watermelon) to end the night! We are so excited to have our visitors from Machaneh Moshava and Gesher! There will not be a blog tomorrow for shabbat, but we hope you have a great night, and we will resume posting Sunday!



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