Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Eye Opening Tikun Olam!

Greetings, Galil Community!


Sundown last night brought the end of Shabbat and the end of mifgash (gathering of friends from other Habonim Dror camps). We did kumzitz (Saturday night singing) and havdalah, and then we bid our friends from Moshava and Gesher adieu. The Madatz (counselors in training) and the Bogrimot (campers entering 10th grade) quite enjoyed seeing their friends, whether they met for the first time this weekend or last summer on MBI!DSC03789

Following a restful Shabbat and Saturday night filled with singing and
glida (ice cream), the whole machaneh (camp) participated in tikun olam (fixing the world) today. Tikun olam can be a really broad idea, making it difficult to actualize change, but we chose to focus on “fixing the world” in the communities surrounding us. We spent the day at the Jewish Relief Agency, where we assembly-line style packed boxes of food for people in the surrounding area who are in need. Our chanichimot (campers) formed lines in the warehouse full of boxes and either stood giving out food,or went through the lines holding a box to be filled. We then packed up the boxes into the buses and went to a nearby housing development to deliver the boxes to people’s doorsteps. The people whom we give boxes to are always incredibly happy to see our faces, and they always greet everybody with a smile! It was certainly hot out today, but the feeling of doing good for others makes it all worthwhile. Today’s activities were important because they demonstrated a simple way to make a significant difference in someone’s life, and they reminded us all to have compassion and perspective, for not everyone lives with the same privilege in life.


The rest of the day was fairly regular and relaxing. When we returned from our deliveries, we enjoyed some chofesh (free time), which was spent by most of our chanichimot as a shower hour, for it was a sweaty day for everyone. We had an extended schiya chofshit (free swim), which cooled us all down after the busy day we had.DSC03701


Tonight, our tochnit erev (nighttime activity) will be by kvutzah (age group), meaning everyone will be doing something different. Spending time with our respective kvutzot will be a beneficial way to put a sikum (conclusion) on today’s activities.

As we begin to approach the final week of machaneh, we have many exciting and fun activities in the works! We can’t wait to see what else this summer has in store!



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