Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Welcome to the Last Shabbat of Summer 2018!

Shabbat Shalom, Galil Community!

It was a bittersweet moment for all of us today when we realized that tonight would be the last Shabbat of the Summer. Shabbat always marks the end of week, and as this is the last one, closing day is in sight. Getting dressed up with your friends, sitting in the chadar ochel (dining hall) eating matzah ball soup, dancing to all of your favorite rikkud (Israeli folk dancing) songs, these are the memories chanichimot (campers) will think of during the year, the memories that make us miss camp. We made sure to savor the time we had while it lasted!


As all Friday’s are, today was muffin day! The varieties were great: chocolate chip, blueberry, oreo, sprinkle, lemon poppy seed! We went to our standard Friday programming of extended avoda (daily jobs), nikayon tzrif (cabin cleaning), and then to Madatz peula shikvah (age group activity run by the counselors in training). As the summer is winding down, every age group did an activity that reflected on the time spent at machaneh (camp).

The Madatz led the chanichimot to one last Shabbat Shira (Friday singing) before lunch. The chanichimot sang out with joy, taking in the moment to remember throughout the coming year. After singing, the chanichimot were eager to get their weekly slices of pizza, as per our weekly tradition.  Like always, we had quite the spread of toppings. Many years ago, there was a clerical error in the mitbach (kitchen) order that led to us buying more rainbow sprinkles than we could ever possibly need. The tzevet mitbach (kitchen staff) found creative ways to use up the excess, the most iconic way being served on a pizza! And thus a Galil staple was born. Ever since then, sprinkle pizza has been offered (and even adored) every Friday at lunch!


Tonight will be extra special, as we are welcoming our now post-MBI chanichimot. They recently returned from their summer-long trip to Israel with their national kvutzah (age group) from the other five Habonim Dror North America machanot (summer camps). We can’t wait to hear from them how the trip was! At hitkansut erev (flag lowering), we will see many faces, new and old.

We will certainly be sad to say goodbye to everyone in a couple of days, but we will hold on tightly to this magical place while we're here. 


Wishing you all a final Shabbat Shalom! 



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