Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Thursday, July 26, 2018

First Full Day of 2nd Session!

Good evening, Galil Friends and Family!

The first regular day of second session began bright and early at seven this morning! Our earlier risers took to the beit omanut (arts and crafts building), the gaga pit, and the basketball court, while the rest of machaneh (camp) slept until kima (wake up) at eight. We all gathered at the toren (flagpole) for hitkansut boker (morning flag raising), where each shicvah (age group) stood together for roll call and announced “kulam po!” (we are here!). When we got to the chadar ochel (dining hall), we were all excited to see what was for breakfast: scones! Cinnamon, raisin, blueberry, there were scones of all kinds! After breakfast, everyone scattered in groups to do their new avoda (daily job), and then we all went back to our respective tzrifim (cabins) for some nikayon tzrif (cabin cleaning).IMG_1988

After a busy morning, our Madatz (counselors in training) ran some mini chugim (interest groups) for the chanichimot (campers). There was a wide range of choices for chugim: meditation and relaxation, reading and writing, self defense, talking about the music industry, and learning about nature. While the chanichimot had fun, while the Madatz gained valuable leadership experience!


We ended the morning with peulat shikvah alef (first age group activity). The Amelimot (campers entering 4th and 5th grade) played some get-to-know-you games, and then they went to their first instructional swim at the pool. As they welcomed their new kvutzah mates, the Chotrimot (campers entering  6th grade) spent their time doing some more introduction activities before heading down to the pool for instructional swim. The Sayarimot (campers entering 7th grade) also spent their time playing games, and then they got to spend the rest of the time in the pool! The Tzophimot (campers entering 8th grade) had a peula about capitalism and classism in America’s consumer culture. The Bonimot (campers entering 9th grade) spent the entire day at the ropes course where they challenged themselves and strengthened their kvutzah (group) dynamics through team building activities. The bogrimot (campers entering 10th grade) began planning their Bo-Coup (Bogrimot take-over day) that will happen later in the session. IMG_1994

For lunch, we had an exciting meal of chicken nuggets with tater tots. After we ate, the whole machaneh stood on the benches and sang out for one of the first times this session. Our madrichimot (counselors) and chanichimot from Habonim Dror Mexico joined in on the shira (singing) and taught us a cheer from their machaneh in Mexico! 


After lunch we had our first chugim. The choices of chugim this session were quite the array! We have a Harry Potter Fan Club, a Finer Things Club, an Improv Club, a Portlandia Club, a Creativitrees Club, a "Would You Rather?", and a Great American Canadian Bake Off Club.


Once we finished chugim, everyone headed to peulat shikvah bet (second age group activity) where the chanichimot spent time doing elective activities such as working in the gan (garden), learning rikud (Israeli folk dancing), doing crafts in the beit omanut, and cutting vegetables in the mitbach (kitchen). The afternoon continued into zman sports (sports time) where chanichimot played soccer, basketball, yoga, running, and ultimate frisbee. After much time in the sun, everyone had the chance to cool down in the pool before dinner.

Tonight for our tochnit erev (nighttime activity), we will be doing a rotation all over camp with the madatz and all of tzevet (staff) to do more getting to know each other activities. We are all super excited to see what this session has in store!


Today was a great day, and onto the next...

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