Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Goodbye 1st Session, Hello 2nd Session!

Hello Galil Friends!

My name is Mikayla, and I’m super excited to be writing the blog this session! My family has been apart of the Galil community since 2006, when my older brothers spent their first summer at machaneh (camp). I will be posting on the blog and uploading pictures every day, so keep your eye out. Everyone here at Galil has been enjoying intersession and all its festivities, and we are all so excited to welcome in our second sessioners!


In these days between first and second session, the chanichimot (campers) have had lots of time to rest, but have also been keeping busy with intersession traditions. A trip to the bowling alley, a day at the movies watching Incredibles 2, and many rounds of the cheer, “It’s intersession! It’s in between the sessions! It’s after first session but before second session!” These last three days have been restful, but now it’s time for second session with new friends!IMG_1978


Today as all of our new chanichimot arrive, we’ll have our classic opening day meal of grilled cheese and tomato soup. After the meal, we will do shira (singing), where we stand on the benches in the chadar ochel (dining hall) and sing our camp cheers. For the first few days of camp, announcements will be made in both Hebrew and English for our new campers to get into the groove of things. Tonight’s tochnit erev (nighttime activity) will be skits introducing the chuggim (interest groups) that chanichimot have the option of joining. After the tochnit erev will be bedtime, and the chanichimot will go back to their newly moved into tzfrifim (cabins) and sleep until kima (wake up) tomorrow morning.

We are all very excited for the rest of the summer!

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