Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Hiking into the Third Week

Shalom Chaverim V’Mishpachot,

Shalom Friends and Families,

IMG_4000Yesterday was the perfect combination of rest and play. For Shabbat, machaneh (camp) ran on a more relaxed schedule to close up the second week. The chanichimot (campers) slept in late, ate donuts for breakfast, and prepared for a fun evening. We held a “Musicale” where chanichimot get to showcase their singing performance skills and share sentimental moments with their shikvah (age group). After the Musicale, we gathered into a spiral in the middle of the field to start our Havdalah service. In this time, we welcome the close of Shabbat and welcome the new week. From Havdalah we headed down to the medura (bonfire) for skits and comedy. And of course, to end the night, we ate glida (ice cream)!!!

Today, the Tzophimot, Bonimot, and Bogrimot (post 7th-9th grade) are all packed up for a hiking trip! The group will travel to a beautiful state park to hike and set up camp. After a hike through the park, the Bogrimot (post 9th grade) will be going rafting, while the Tzophimot and Bonimot (post 7th and 8th grade) will be going peach picking. Tiyulim (camping trips) are especially important for our chanichimot to get to know one another outside of a machaneh setting and to create experiences with each other that are both fun and rewarding.

Here at machaneh, the Amelimot (post 3rd and 4th grade) went to instructional swim to practice their kicks and strokes. The Chotrimot (post 5th grade) and the Sayarimot (post 6th grade) played sports and games before they too headed to the pool for some splashing fun. The younger chanichimot had a normal day here at machaneh. Later in the afternoon, the chanichimot will attend their chugim (interest groups), tidy up camp, and end the day with an evening activity split up by shikvah.

Tomorrow, the older chanichimot will return from their tiyul, to reunite with the younger half of camp and begin the third week all together.

See all of you in one week for visitors day!


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