Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

Last Full Day, Final Final Messibah Tonight!

Hello, Galil Friends and Family!

We’ve had quite the action packed day! We woke up to the sound of rain falling on the tzrifim (cabins), but surely the smell of scones from the chadar ochel (dining hall) pulled us out of bed. The rain continued through avoda (daily jobs) and nikayon tzrif (cabin cleaning), but slowed to a stop. Instead of Zman Madatz (activity run by counselors in training), we had some special programming today. As a second session tradition, we ask all the chanichimot (campers) to write down a wish they would like to come true at camp, and we, as a tzevet (staff) alog with the Madatz, make them come true for Wish Night. Madrichimot (counselors) act as genies, and as genies go, the way they grant your wish may not be in the way you intended. Chanichimot who have been to Wish Night before are careful and meticulous in how they word their requests. It was a fun morning for everyone!

After lunch, we welcomed some visitors from the neighboring Camp Onas for an ultimate frisbee tournament.


Chanichimot, Madatz, and Madrichimot all played in the game, while those of us who were not playing cheered on our team from the sidelines. The sun came out, the music was blasting, and the game was on! 


Following some packing time, we headed to our last dinner together! It’s never easy to leave machaneh (camp). Galil is such a special place that we spend our Summers growing up at, and it plays such a significant role in our lives. Luckily, as we are a camp that is a part of a youth movement, we have events during the year for chanichimot to see each other! The fun doesn’t have to end in August; it can go on all year! We may all be leaving machaneh tomorrow, but the friendships aren’t going anywhere.


Tonight we will celebrate the Summer with a 

Final, Final Messiba (party). The messibah will be themed “Night at the Oscars,” so everyone will put on their best attire as we dance the night away! Every kvutzah (age group) will have something planned for just them as well! Final Final is a night to make a few last memories with your very best friends. We are all so excited for this very last night of the summer.

It has truly been a pleasure writing to this lovely community every day! Thank you all for reading, and have an excellent rest of summer and a sweet new year! 


2019 registration is already live and we can't wait for our wonderful chanichimot to return! See you next summer! 



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