Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Last Regular Day of Machaneh 2018

Good Evening, Galil Friends and Family!

We started this morning with a festive breakfast of pancakes and waffles! Normally, every Sunday is bagel day, but in the closing days of the session, we are always pleasantly surprised! It seemed like it would be a rainy day, bound to the indoors, but the sun came out, and by lunch, the sky had opened up.


Every summer second session always flies by. We’ve had very few yamim ragilim (regular days) with all the fun programming we want to fit in! So in essence days like to day, the normal ones, are actually quite special.


After breakfast, we had avoda (daily jobs), nikayon tzrif (cabin cleaning), and then we headed to peulat shikvah alef (first age group activity). The Amelimot (campers entering 4th and 5th grade) watched Moana. The Chotrimot (campers entering 6th grade) went through played acting games to learn about making good decisions. The Sayarimot (campers entering 7th grade) discussed the importance of community service and how to get involved during the year. The Tzophimot (campers entering 8th grade) talked about responsibility and the roles it plays in life at machaneh (camp). The Bonimot (campers entering 9th grade) baked cookies in the mitbach (kitchen) and then watched Titanic together. The Bogrimot (campers entering 10th grade) spent the time talking about MBI, Habonim Dror’s Summer-in-Israel program that they have the option of experiencing next Summer.

For lunch, we had a camp favorite: pasta bar! After the meal, we all rose to the benches and sang some of our cheers that we have not done in a long while. We have a block of time everyday for us to learn the cheers, shira (singing), and the time after the meals is when we show off what we’ve learned! We left the chadar ochel (dining hall) and went to chugim (electives). With chugim happening so seldom during second session, it was good to get back to our regular activities that we haven’t been able to spend much time at in these last three weeks.


Tonight, our tochnit erev (nighttime activity) will be by kvutzah (age group). As this one is the last of the session, each kvutzah will spend the night reflecting and reminiscing on the Summer. It’s always shocking how fast we get to the final days of camp, and it is certainly bittersweet. Camp is the place we look forward to all year, and these weeks, be it two or seven, are precious. We are all very excited to enjoy the last day together as Machaneh Galil 2018!



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