Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Revo Conspiracy Theories!

Shalom Chaverimot!

I’m Helen from Madatz (post-11th-grade junior counselor) and have taken over the blog for the day because it’s REVO (short for Revolution)! Twice a summer, the Madatz design a day of programming that we run for all of the kids at camp that follows a theme or a story. It’s the capstone of our summer training and helps prepare us for leadership roles at Galil in the years to come! It also teaches our chanichimot (campers) about the importance of youth empowerment and using your own voice to activate change. Today’s revo theme: Conspiracy Theories!  



Last night, chanichimot went to bed thinking it was a normal night: end of tochnit erev (evening activity), start getting ready for bed, etc… Then, to everyone’s surprise, a voice came over the ramkol (loudspeaker) announcing that President JFK was on his way and we all needed to go to the basketball court to watch the parade. The chanichimot excitedly gathered and began whispering and trying to figure out what was going on. The President and his whole entourage arrived, in style, on a truck, waving to the cheering crowd, and then suddenly the celebration was interrupted by the sound of a gunshot as the truck drove out of sight.

In this moment, glowing frisbees sailed through the air and the Madatzimot began whispering about alien conspiracies while the madrichimot (counselors) insisted it was only Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. As they were “clearly wrong”, we decided to take matters into our own hands without the help of the madrichimot and then put the kids back to bed. 



The next morning, we slept in an extra hour and then woke up to X-Files music a

nd other thematic tunes before heading to the chadar ohel (dining hall), what we are calling “Area 51” tod

ay for a breakfast of homemade Belgian waffles, ice cream, fresh fruit, and hash browns! After breakfast, kids watched a video we made “proving” that tzevet (staff) were a part of the Illuminati and hiding truth from us. They then participated in a scavenger hunt round robin during which they built spy technology, popped candy-filled balloons, and played on a slip n slide as they uncovered secrets about the tzevet’s participation in the Illuminati.

After a break-in to NASA’s headquarters located in the refet (barn), we all went to the Hollywood set of the “fake” moon landing for lunch and kids had the opportunity to pose in an astronaut cut-out and pretend they were part of the undercover operation. Next, everyone changed into swimsuits for a water fight followed by a pool party with a special appearance from a “Loch Ness Monster” (a giant pool float)! Following another break and a snack, everyone was ready to destroy the government cameras that they realized had been monitoring them this whole!

Before dinner we’ll play sock dodgeball in the lair of the crazy conspiracy theorist. Surrounded by posters of “proof” and question marks as well as theories themselves, we ate a delicious meal of chicken nuggets and fries with different toppings. During the meal we will likely “fall off the edge of the flat earth” and into the void! Surrounded by floating objects that we all thought had mysteriously gone missing in our lives (ex. hair ties, socks, water bottles). From there,  we’ll enjoy a dance party to celebrate the Revo we won’t forget...unless it never actually happened at all…

Signing off from the void,


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