Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Revolution Blast To The Past!

Hi Galil families & friends!


It's Julia from Madatz (Post 11th Grade Junior Counselors). I'm taking over the blog for today because we had a REVOLUTION*! We called it "Revo Blast to the Past"!


We started out the day by kicking out the madrichimot (counselors) and taking over camp for the day to run a fun and amazing day for the kids, all on our own. We started the day with a futuristic breakfast of hash browns, milk shakes, and doughnuts hanging from the ceiling!



Once we ate to our hearts' content, we had a carnival with (live action role play), soap hockey, and candy. Next, we led chanichimot (campers) through an obstacle course! They climbed through tunnels, dodged lasers, and walked across balance beams. After the obstacle course, chanichimot arrived at the chadar (dining hall), and one of the Madatz accidentally pressed a button that sent us into a time machine!


Inside of the time machine, we ate mac and cheese, broccoli, and garlic bread. When this delicious meal ended, we realized that the time machine had taken us to the Stone Age! We all went to the moadon (meeting house) for face painting, fishing, and created chants to blend in with the cavepeople! Also, we gave the chanichimot "dirt" (pudding with crushed up oreos and gummi worms)! 


Chanichimot then went back to the tzrifim (cabins) and changed into bathing suits to cool down with a water fight! We then made tools to chase mammoths, dinosaurs, and sabre-tooth tigers, who were played by madrichimot.


For dinner tonight we will feast on our findings with a barbecue! Lastly to finish off the day, we will have a mesibah (party)! We will dance, eat candy, draw cave art on the walls, and play prehistoric ping pong. We are having such a great day and thank you for joining us on this crazy adventure! 


Tomorrow, we will resume with a normal schedule and return to the present day! Time travel sure is tiring!! 


Signing off,






Editors Note: To learn more about the tradition of Revolution and leadership development at Galil, check out this excerpt from our July 2nd Blog Post:

"The Madatz (post 11th grade junior counselors) have spent the day talking about social justice, rebellion, and revolution. They have learned about how to act upon an injustice in their world, and are discovering tools they can use to get involved in causes they feel passionate about. At the end of the day, their madrichimot (counselors) will reveal to them the date of their upcoming“Revo”. On this day, the Madatz stage revolution against Galil's leadership and take over camp programming for the day.


Though this is regarded by our chanichimot as the most fun day each session, it also serves as the capstone leadership development project in our Madatz curriculum.  Many of our chanichimot actually use the skills they learn through leadership training at Galil to practice social justice activism at home. Click here to learn more about several of our chanichimot who helped lead a gathering in Philadelphia for the Jewish community before attending the March for our Lives this past spring." 

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