Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Friday, July 27, 2018

Smells Like Shabbas Up In Here (up in here, up in here!)

Shabbat Shalom, Galil Friends and Family!


Today was a fun-filled day, marking the first shabbat of second session! We woke up this morning, and something in the air just felt like Friday. The muffins for breakfast sat cooling in the mitbach (kitchen) as their aroma filled the air, everyone was gearing up for the extended avoda (daily jobs) period, and we were all laying out our shabbat outfits in the back of our heads. We just couldn’t wait for sundown to welcome in shabbas!

Following our regular morning events of breakfast, avodah, and nikayon tzrif (cabin cleaning), the Madatz (counselors in training) ran a peula (actiIMG_2061vity) for each age group. All of the peulot today were focused on the Madatz getting to know the chanichimot (campers) and vice versa. The Madatz then led all the chanichimot to our weekly tradition of Shabbat Shira (singing) where we learn songs to sing after meals. While Shabbat Shira is informative, it is also a competition! The kvutzah (age group) that has the most ruach (enthusiasm) in singing gets called to go to lunch first! For as long as I can remember, Friday lunch has always been homemade pizza of all variations of toppings, served picnic style in Hyde Park. As each chanichol reaches the line of tables full of pizza, they have so many options to choose from!


As everyone finished eating, the Bogrimot (campers entering 10th grade) led Hyde Park, our weekly forum for chanichimot to stand in front of all of machaneh (camp) and share their opinions and ideas, which are written down to be taken into consideration. When everyone had said what they wanted to share, out came kibbud (snack)! Today we had fruit popsicles to cool us down from the heat and humidity. Enjoying the popsicles, everyone scattered into some chofesh (free time), until our mischak hashavua (sport of the week). This week we played ultimate frisbee, one of the most popular sports at machaneh. The game ended, and most people headed down to the pool for some schiya chofshit (free swim). All the floats were in the pool: beach balls, the volleyball net, rafts, kickboards! It was quite the pool party!IMG_2028

With sundown approaching, everyone hit the showers, put on their shabbat outfits, and we began mishpachot (families), the groups we meet in every Friday for check-ins. During this time, we like to share a rose, something good that happened this week, a thorn, something that wasn’t good this week, a bud, something you are looking forward to, and a gardener, someone who helped you this week. Mishpachot are always something to look forward to because it is a nice way to wrap up the week and reflect upon it. The procession around machaneh began and we ended at the toren (flagpole), where we welcomed in Shabbat with embraces and greetings of “Shabbat Shalom!” to each other.


From there, will be led by the Amelimot (campers entering 4th and 5th grade) to the Mini-Mo for kabbalat shabbat (performance each Friday). The Amelimot will “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz as their English song, "Shabbat BaBoker" as their Hebrew song, and "Ahafanoli" as their rikud (Israeli folk dance) song.


Finally! It will be time for Shabbat dinner! Roasted chicken, matzo ball soup, challah, a classic Shabbat dinner. We will sing, cheer, and eat! Later tonight we will see the oneg (satirical play) written and performed by the Sayarimot (campers entering 7th grade), and then we will head to rikud. At the end of the night, we will all share some avoteah (watermelon). Yum! Now for a restful Saturday. Hoping the rain holds off!


Our blog will not post during Shabbat, but we will be sure to check in on Sunday to let you know about all of the fun we had!


Shabbat Shalom, Machaneh Galil! 



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