Camp Galil: Summer 2018

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Working Together

Shalom Chaverim V'Mispachot,
Shalom Friends and Families,

Yesterday the chanichimot (campers) traveled from the very far future, all the way back to the stone age as the Madatz (post-11th grade junior counselors) took control of machaneh (camp) for the day. Now that the Madatz have gotten all the kids back safely to the present day, they are off to go on a trip outside of camp to relax and celebrate the "revolution" they ran for Galil. With the Madatz gone, the rest of machaneh has resumed our normal schedule.

For Zman Madatz (Madatz time), everyone did things a little different because of their absence. The Amelimot (post-3rd and 4th grade) watched Shrek (some of them had never seen the movie, and maybe this helped them understand the activities of special day from last week)! The Chotrimot (post-5th grade) headed down to the pool to splash around in this heat, while the Sayarimot (post-6th grade) put on long pants, closed toed shoes, and a hat to participate in low ropes! Along with the high ropes activities we have in the course, we also have lower ropes that are better suited for the younger chanichimot. Low ropes are a great way for chanichimot to put values of trust and compassion into tangible challenges. In order for the low ropes to be achieved, the Sayarimot need to work together to accomplish the tasks of balance, determination, and risk-taking.

IMG_5953The Tzophimot (post-7th grade) talked about conflict resolution and how best to diffuse situations with their friends in a productive and smart way. They participated in funny methods such as skits, games, and puzzles to figure out how best to resolve potential conflicts that might arise within their shikvah (age group) or with friends from home. With a high focus on team dynamics today, the Bonimot (post-8th grade) played a "Hunger Games" simulation from the popular book and movie series of the same name. They were split into teams, and had to devise and execute a survival strategy based on logic, action, and teamwork! Don't worry, they were all wildly successful in their pursuit and made it to aruchat tzohorayim (lunch) with smiles on their faces and new bonds in their hearts. 

The Bogrimot (post-9th grade) are planning a secret special activity that will happen tomorrow night (shhhhhhh)! Every year during first session, the Bogrimot get to take charge for an evening activity. They theme, plan, and run everything by themselves! This is one of their first introductions to being leaders at machaneh, and they are so excited to take on this responsibility. This program is traditionally called "Bozman" in which the Bo comes from Bogrimot and the Zman comes from the hebrew word for essentially Bogrimot Time! The Bogrimot have decided to theme the night "Boz-Munch". The night will be a big machaneh party, with tons and tons of snacks and food-themed activities for the chanichimot to enjoy. Tomorrow, I will bring a special guest from Bogrimot to share what exciting things they have planned to write a section of the blog. This night is exciting not just for the Bogrimot and the chanichimot, but also the tzevet (staff) who also did this when we were in Bogrimot.
Later in the day, the chanichimot will play sports, take some chill time, and have an activity about Habonim Dror, our youth movement. The chanichimot will learn about the five pillars of the movement- judaism, zionism, socialism, social justice, and hagshama (actualization). They will talk about how all five of the pillars are values we live and stand by here at machaneh, and how they shape us as people. The remainder of the day will consist of fun activities such as chugim (interest groups) and schiya chofshit (free swim). We can't wait to make the most out of these last four days of Machaneh Galil first session! 

See you tomorrow!

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