Camp Galil Summer 2019

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Bo-Coup Cosmos (aka BoCosmos)

Hey Everyone! 


Gali the Sheep here-- ready for another beautiful day at Machaneh (Camp) Galil. And it's just so nice that we get to.. What?! What's that, Amelia...? It's BoCOUP?! I'll move on over then and let you do your THING! 


Hello parents of our lovely Galil campers! I'm Amelia K. of Bogrimot (post 9th grade), and our shicvah (age group) is excited to share with you what we've done for Bo-Coup (The Bogrimot Coup). We've themed it "BoCosmos"! Bo-Coup is a themed half-day of programming where we, the Bogrimot, kick the Madatz (counselors-in-training) and Tzevet (staff) out of machaneh and get to run the show. With the theme of BoCosmos, everything we're doing is space-themed and full of never-ending fun!


We started by breaking into Bo-Coup by telling all of the chanichimot (campers) how all of their tzevet and madatz have been hiding aliens from us. Because of their lies, we needed to expel them from Galil to begin our own space expeditions! Of course, we had an Area 51 New Mexico-themed lunch (including an EPIC nacho bar) to fuel us up for our astronaut training. 


After lunch, we had an astronaut training carnival to prepare us for space travel. The activities included face-painting alien disguises, combat training, strutting on the moonwalk cat walk, and a decompression chamber in the form of a big air dome we made with our own hands! 




When we graduated space training, we went on a spaceship ride to a haunted house and slip n' slide! And then we had a pool party, which was, to say the least, SPACE-TACULAR (sorry not sorry for the cheekiness). From the pool party we then launched into kibbud (snack) and some shirt decorating and sign making!


But alas, our space expedition to find the aliens and prove tzevet wrong is still long from over. Now in space, we had a cosmic scavenger hunt to find and destroy [what we assume will be] evil aliens!


During our Space Jam dinner, we sat with a few REAL ALIENS! Good news: they were not evil at all! Once we digested our fancy spaghetti and meatballs, it was time to MESIBA (party)! We went into hype mode at the mesiba with hype music and fun stations like E.T. Phone Home, Anything for Candy, and a balloon pit! 


When the music died down, we said goodbye to our alien friends and flew back down to Earth, where our tzevet greeted us warmly and listened to the stories of our adventures!


Thanks to everyone who make this happen! Great job to Peri as Rosh (Head/Director), Sagi as Rosh Mitbach (Kitchen Director), Sydra as Rosh Decor (Art Director), and our amazing Madrichimot! And everyone else behind the scenes (shoutout our awesome helpers: the Bonimot) who made the day possible. Also thanks to our parents for sending us to Galil! And to the Academy! And for putting up with me, Amelia, as the blog writer.


Goodbye! Mwah! 


Amelia K! 



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