Camp Galil Summer 2019

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Penultimate? No. Play Ultimate? Yes!

Hey everyone!


Gali the sheep here-- just coming up for air between these crazy couple of days! After an awesomely exhausting tiyul (camping trip) we returned thrilled, and definitely ready for a proper shower. Not much to report on what happened after we got back-- a pool party, some nap time, a movie night where we watched Pirates of the Caribbean FOUR, and a good night's sheep... er I mean... SLEEP!


Today the entire machaneh (camp) has one word on our mind: ULTIMATE!


Shortly after breakfast, our Bogrimot (post 9th grade) and a select few other Ultimate enthusiasts from other schavot (age groups) threw on their Galil shirts, made a few sandwiches, and loaded the bus for a wild adventure. Each summer our friends at Camp Havaya invite some of the Philly area Jewish overnight camps for a day-long Ultimate tournament. This year, they invited us along with Camps Golden Slipper and Pinemere to play the day away! 




Historically we know we can count on our ruach (spirit) to be exemplary even when our athleticism isn't. So for as long as we have participated in this tournament we have taken deep pride in always coming home with the Spirit Award. This year we are happy to report that we came in second place in the tournament. We admire the skills that the Havaya campers brought to the field, and thank them kindly for their hospitality. We are coming away feeling a bit salty as this year they did not give out additional awards, but we know in our hearts and souls that we would have taken it home for sure. 


Speaking of home... back at machaneh, the rest of the machaneh welcomed players from the Philadelphia Phoenix to run an Ultimate clinic for our chanichimot. For those of you unfamiliar with the Phoenix, they are the local team of the American Ultimate Disc League. This way when the Bogrimot return from their adventures, they will be thrilled to see how the skill level of everyone back here has improved!


The clinic began with a series of cumulative exercises and drills. Each exercise brought us closer and closer to finishing up with an exciting final game! 




There is something about the values of Ultimate that really jive with our community. First, the game is self-refereed. Players rely on one another's honesty and integrity to make sure the game is played fairly. Second, Ultimate is incredibly collaborative in that players can't run with the disc once they catch it, unlike other team sports. Because of this, once they have the disc, they must always be on the look out for their teammates for the next play. For as long as I can remember, Ultimate has been Galil's most popular sport. In fact, many of our madrichimot go on to play Ultimate on their university teams! 


We all learned a TON from this fun and exciting day. Can't wait for what's ahead next! 



Gali the Sheep


Ps. What did they yell when I caught the frisbee in my mouth?! HEY! EWE GOT IT! 

Pps. Here is what we ate today 


Breakfast Lunch Dinner

French toast sticks

Fruit & breakfast bar

Fried chicken & jerk tofu

Mashed potatoes 


Pasta Bar




Pps. We just want to shout out two of our Madatz (counselors in training), Noah & David, who just filled out and mailed in their voter registration today. This means that everyone at Galil who is eligible to vote in the November election, is registered to do so! 



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