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Created: February 21, 2023 | by Camp Galil
’23 Mazkirut Blog Post #1

​​Hey Galil fans, friends, and families! 

We’re so happy to be sending out our FIRST EVER MAZKIRUT BLOG POST together!!! 

Our mazkirut stretches from Wisconsin to Copenhagen, but we gathered in Philly this weekend to participate in Moetzet Mazkirut, the seminar for mazkiriyot (youth leadership teams) from every machane (camp) in HDNA, run by the Mazkirut Artzit (movement leadership). We got to talk all about our visions for Galil and meet with our movement friends who do our same tafkid (job) at the other machanot (camps)! We prioritized conversations on building strong programming, inclusion, and Judaism. We learned A LOT and cannot wait to bring it back to machane (camp)! 

Since we started as a Mazkirut, we’ve met weekly as a mazkirut to start planning the greatest summer ever, and we wanted to give you an inside scoop on what’s been going on…

We’ve made the decision to actively engage in a continuous learning process leading up to the summer in order to build our toolkits and grow into the best mazkirut we can be. To gain inspiration, we looked to Jewish leaders of the past: Moses, Caleb, Jethro, and used their stories to develop a clearer picture of the kinds of leaders we would like to be. We took Jethro’s advice about the art of delegation and want to be a Caleb as we uplift tzevet (staff) voices and empower them to be incredible leaders. 

We settled on our three core values of “trust,” “kvutza,” and “GOING ALL OUT” to guide us! 

We’re excited to start hiring our wonderful tzevet, work on the first ever “Mazkirut Project” (watch out madatz), and we’ve also built the summer calendar (don’t ask us when Kupa Trip is… we won’t tell you.) 

Each meeting reminds us that we’re a week closer to getting machane starting again and we can hardly wait any longer! Tune in next month to hear more about what Maz 2023 is cooking up 😉

All our love, 

Ella and Lily and Guy and Julia and Helen