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Created: March 28, 2023 | by Camp Galil
’23 Mazkirut Blog Post #2

Hey Galil!!!

One month later and we’re reunited (except for Helen 😢)  at the American Camping Association’s TriState CAMP Conference! (It’s the largest camping conference in the world with over 3000 attendees!) Lily, Julia, Guy and Ella (and David and Galit) met up in Atlantic City for a few days to attend panels and discussions on creative educational programs, supporting tzevet (staff) and chanichimot (campers) in MESH (Mental, Emotional and Social Health), anticolonialism, creating new opportunities for leadership and MUCH more. We obviously had to make a stop at the Rainforest Cafe as well… 

In other news, we talked about Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and how it aligns with our values of informal education, and how we can highlight and celebrate all of the strengths/experiences/intelligences within our machane (camp) community. We also played a Mazkirut Simulator Video Game, where we got to practice some of the scenarios we may encounter during the summer. 

Last week, Julia led a peula for Mazkirut and Tzevet Madatz (Margot + Noah!) on leading machane (camp). 

The more we learn and work together, the more excited we get about the summer. 

Until next month XOXOXOXO, 

Guy, Helen, Lily, Julia, and Ella