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Created: July 05, 2023 | by Camp Galil
4th of July

Today the chanichimot (campers) woke up ready to celebrate the Fourth of July. At
breakfast we ate pancakes and eggs! Then the chanichimot went to their avodah (work). Some of
them worked in the gan or cleaning the bik (communal shower space). The chanichimot then
went to clean their tzrifs (cabins). After sadnaot (specialist time) they were off to pish alif.
Throughout the day the chanichimot all learned about American values and exploring what they
believe is their American identity.

During the rest of the day the chanichimot followed their normal schedule (chuggim
(clubs), pish bet, sports, free swim, and shira (learning the songs).

Then, things took a turn! The night time activity started at hikansuit erev (flag lowering)
where it was announced that the tzevet (counselors) and the chanichimot would switch roles for
the rest of the day. After aruchat erev (dinner) we started stations – including chasing the tzevet
and madatz (CITs) to get them to “go to bed,” pretending to lead a pish (educational activity),
and forcing the tzevt to shower using sponges and soap. The chanichimot had an incredible time!
The night ended with the chanichimot dancing, eating Red, White, Blue popsicles and watching fireworks that were displayed on the basketball court!

Laila tov!