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Created: August 03, 2023 | by Camp Galil
A Beautiful Wednesday

Hi everybody! We had a beautiful day today at Galil filled with sun, laughs, and silliness. The Hebrew word of the day was “ezra” (help), taught to us by the cast of ivrit shimushit this morning. After one of our favorite breakfasts, scones, the Bonimot went to ropes, and the rest of camp had their Sadnaot. During this time, the Bogrimot were in the Gan with our teva (nature) specialist, where they learned about the plants we’ve been growing in the garden and then went on a little nature walk. Later in the day, the Nitzanimot arrived! We have all been so excited for them to arrive and we could not be happier that they are here! They had a fun-filled day, including cake-pop making, swimming, and rockwall climbing. 

In the name of For Peula Sichva Bet, we split into kvutzot and had a round robin of different Pride-related activities. One was a museum-style station, where kids could read about the history of pride and learn Pride-related information. Another was making posters in the Beit O for the Tochnit erev later that night!

We had a fun Pride evening activity, where each kvutzah did a dance performance for machaneh. We encouraged chanichimot to wear clothes they felt confident in, and after their performance we enjoyed some rainbow cupcakes. The night was a great success—the kids enjoyed colorful sweet treats and learned how to express themselves creatively!

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PS – We miss our Mini Session Bet campers who went home today, but we can’t wait to see them at Fall Seminar!