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Created: July 09, 2023 | by Camp Galil
A Galil Shabbat

Greetings from Galil!

After lots of rikkud Friday night, we woke up feeling well-rested and refreshed this morning. Kiddos played cards and games in Hyde Park and played tether ball near their tzrifim. We had a yummy roll-in breakfast of donuts, as per usual on a Shabbat morning. Then the Bogrimot ran some fun and introspective activities. For example, there was yoga, meditation, journaling, and creative writing. After Bogrimot Chuggim, we split into groups for serious chuggim. A highlight was learning about Dror’s history in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising with Habonim Dror North America’s Central Shlicha Tamar.

We were pretty hungry after chuggim, so we had lunch by kvutzah. Lunch today was falafel, israeli salad, pita, and hummus. Then, we had some chofesh. Kids played basketball, cards, and read books in the hammocks. Next, we regrouped by kvutzah for zman kvutzah. The sayarimot discussed gender, bogrimot talked about responsibility as the oldest chanichimot in machaneh, and nemerimot wrote nice notes to each other while snacking on lollipops. After zman tzrif was chofesh and sport of the week. The sport of the week was basketball and we had a great time!

Next, we gathered for musicale. Chanichimot sang songs for all of machaneh. We even had a special cello performance from one of our talented bonimot. Dinner came next. We had delicious baked ziti with broccoli and garlic knots. After dinner, we had some more chofesh, and then went to kumzits, where we sang some oldies while the sun set. 

We ended kumzits and went into havdalah, a special time of the week at Galil. We held hands and walked in a spiral. Then, one of our noggrimot sang beautifully, while we looked up at the stars and reflected on our week. We then made our way to the medurah pit, where there was a huge bonfire waiting for us (shoutout anaf medurah). The chanichimot put on silly skits and we all sang classic Galil songs. After medurah was glidah and bedtime. We had a restful Shabbat full of learning, playing, and singing. Stay tuned for the update tomorrow on mini Yom Israel.

Signing off,