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Created: July 21, 2023 | by Camp Galil
A Great Thursday!

Hi Everyone!

What a wonderful summer day it was at Camp Galil! It was our first full day at camp and we dove in right away! We started off the day with ivrit shimushit. Ivirit shimushit is where we learn a hebrew word of the day in a funny, creative skit. The skit is performed by our tzevet (counselors) before heading to breakfast. For breakfast we had yummy eggs, hashbrowns and vegetarian sausages 🙂

Next, we learned our new avodah (work) groups. The jobs vary from sweeping buildings, taking care of our goats, to cleaning the pool. We then had sadnaot where the kids learn from different specialists everyday. For example the kids met with the gan (garden) specialist and took care of the goats and learned about the importance of gardening.

In a turn of events there was a biker vs surfer outbreak at dinner!!! The tzevet were the bikers while the kids were the surfers. It was the kids job to go around to different stations and complete ‘get to know you’ tasks to win against the bikers. We combined fun activities such as silly string and bracelet making with important facts about the tzevet to make learning fun!

To finalize the night we had an epic CAMP WIDE pool party! The kids had an amazing time splashing around with their friends while decompressing from a long, jam packed day. For SNL (snack night late), warm chocolate chip cookies were brought to each tzrif. The campers enjoyed the action filled day and had a dreamy night sleep. See you tomorrow for another glorious day at machaneh Galil!