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Created: July 04, 2022 | by Camp Galil
A Successful Tiyul!

Hey Galil families, we have had an amazing two days during tiyul, which is our camping and hiking trip that happens once per session. The trip started yesterday after breakfast, with everyone piling into waiting busses. We didn’t go to the campsite just yet however- we had a few stops first! The older chanichimot (post-7th-11th graders) went to Hellerick’s Family Farm, a local farm down the road from Galil, to go on their high ropes course. The younger chanichimot went to Lost River Caverns, an underground limestone cavern filled with cool rock formations which date back thousands of years. The kids had a blast learning about the cavern’s history and different types of minerals.

After the younger chanichimot finished their tour of the cavern, they joined the older chanichimot at Hellerick’s Family Farm to explore their adventure farm full of activities and take a hay ride! As we were being pulled by a tractor around the field, we learned about the history of the farm which dates all the way back to the colonial period.

We all had a great time, but the fun was only beginning. We hopped back on the bus and drove to our campsite in beautiful Fort Washington State Park. From here, everyone pitched in to set up camp, putting up tents and gathering firewood. We had some time to chill before dinner, which was roasted potatoes stuffed with vegetables and grilled corn on the cob. When it started getting dark, we brought out graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate for s’mores! It was a long day, but everyone had a great time.

We woke up early this morning to get ready for our hike! We toasted some bagels over the fire for breakfast, took down the tents, and filled up our water bottles before heading out on the trail. It was a really beautiful day for a hike, and we all had a lot of fun walking in the woods, playing trail games, and snacking on trail mix. We returned to the campsite to busses waiting to take us back to machaneh (camp). We all returned in need of a shower, but everyone had an amazing time. We had a lot of time to relax after we got back, but later tonight we are going to have fireworks for July 4! That’s all for now. See you tomorrow!