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Created: July 11, 2023 | by Camp Galil
A Sunny Galil Day

Hello, Galil Families!

After yesterday’s rain, we were lucky to have a bright, sunny day here at Galil. The day started off with Hitkansut Boker and Ivrit Shimushit. We learned the word “michnasayim,” which means pants,  in Hebrew. Then, we headed over to the chadar ochel for a yummy breakfast of French toast, yogurt, berries, whipped cream, and cereal. 

After, we split into groups for avodah. After avodah, we cleaned the tzrifim. Then, kids split into their kvutzot for sadnaot. I had a blast working with the tzophimot. We created a documentary about camp Galil and did some improv games. Other kvutzot had fun cutting veggies for our salad bar, while learning knife skills. 

Following sadnaot, each kvutzah met with their madrichimot for their first peulah of the day! Bogrimot had fun on our high ropes course, doing the elements, the giants ladder, and the zip line. Bonimot planted native wildflower seeds around machaneh. Then, we had a scrumptious BBQ in Hyde Park. There were burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, and a yummy salad prepared by our bonimot. 

We had a little bit of rest time, and moved on to chuggim. Kids played life sized dungeons and dragons in Hyde Park and “reported for jurry duty.” After Chuggim came Pish Bet. Some kvutzah had a scavenger hunt to find their kupah, while others had a peulah about police brutality. Then, we had ice cream sandwiches for kibud (yay!) and transitioned into zman sports. The sports today were swimming, lead by the nemerimot, and basketball. The kids showered and had some free time. 

Then, we gathered for Shirah and Hitkansut Erev. We learned some new songs and lowered the flags. After Hitkansut, we went to dinner, which was Burrito Bar! After dinner, we had an anti racism-themed tochnit erev, with chuggim about environmental racism, protest and resistance movements, and policing. Afterwards, we split into kvutzah lot to reflect on the day. The kids went to bed after an exciting day.

Stay tuned for the update about tomorrow’s Yom Tzedek!

Signing off,