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Created: June 26, 2023 | by Camp Galil
A Titanic Monday!

Shalom Galil Community! 

Despite some intense storms in the afternoon, today was a beautiful day at machane Galil. We started off with a much needed sunny morning, where everyone came together for Hitkansut Boker and Ivrit Shimushit. Today the kids learned the word “יפה” (yafe) which means “nice” or “pretty”. We then went to a bagel-breakfast with over easy eggs and other various spreads and toppings. If you can’t tell already, I found breakfast especially delicious this morning.

It was soon time for Avodah. The chanichimot were able to participate in all the Avodahs thanks to the-then sunny weather. This was especially helpful for the medurah avodah, where some of the older kids work all week to build the fire for Saturday nights. Today they started collecting kindling and finding wood to chop later in the week for the fire. 

Later the kids moved on to Sa’adnaot, the time they spent with the specialists and Madatz. I had the pleasure of working with the Sayarimot today. We talked about what we love about Machane and what we want to highlight, and they even took some photos at the Mini Mo while learning to use a camera. Others helped Mitbach with food prep, met the goats and saw how the Gan worked, made some art projects in the Beit Omanut and so on. 

Following Sa’adnaot was Pish Alef, where each kvutzah covered different topics to help build community and work on social justice. For instance the Bogrimot learned about the value of their kupah, and worked on how they want to spend that money this session. 

We then went to lunch and moved on to Chuggim. The kids got to go on various adventures, some explored how to become emo for the day, and others acted out their Dungeons and Dragons fantasies. 

It started to rain shortly after, right when the kids moved on to Pish Bet, the other Pish of the day. Each kvutzah continued their scheduled programming despite the rain, and just remained indoors. The same plan went for kibbud, or “snack time”. Everyone gathered in the Moadon to eat some peaches while preparing for some indoor sports. They had the choice of going to rikkud, gaga, or yoga/ cal-eastehitics. Despite the rain they were able to make the most of the situation and have fun while staying active. 

The rain began to clear up and we were able to have the rest of the day outdoors. Everyone gathered for Shirah and Hitkansut Erev, where they learned some songs and lowered the flags. At Hitkansut, everyone received a ticket to dinner which was held on the “Titanic”, the theme of the night. Following dinner, some of the kids changed into their first-class-finest clothes, and they all went around participating in different titanic-themed activities. They threw whipped cream at the evil Caledon Hockley, tossed around beach balls with some “dolphins”, pained portraits in the Beit Omanut, and danced around. The night concluded at the pool, where luckily all of the camp escaped the iceberg. 

The kids then went to bed, after a day full of excitement.