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Created: July 10, 2024 | by Camp Galil
A Tuesday at Galil

Shalom Galil Families!

Today was a quieter day at Machaneh Galil as kids enjoyed some more restful activities in the lull between Special Day on Sunday and our Tiyuul (camping trip) starting tomorrow. Chanichimot woke up, headed to the toren, enjoyed some scones at breakfast, and then got their avodah done. In communications sadna, the Bogrimot discussed misinformation and wrote some funny fake news stories to post around camp.

After sadnaot, chanichimot headed to pish alef. While the amelimot had swimming lessons, other kvutzot tackled some harder academic topics, including a lesson about the Israeli War of Independence taught specially by our shaliach (Israeli representative) Guy. Next up was a delicious lunch of pasta and garlic knots, fuelling the kids up for some water sports. Chanichimot then took some rest time before heading to chuggim. While sudden rain put a bit of a damper on normal proceedings, the madrichimot of each chug found ways to move things indoors. Music and soapstone continued as normal, and paleontology made maps out of candy while doing their best to ignore theatre chug’s acting exercises in the next room. Schiya chofshit (free swim) and pish bet were both used as blocks to pack for tiyuul instead. 

After dinner, all of camp participated in an exciting tochinit erev. The meal ended with a skit where current president Helen (a member of our mazkirut) was assassinated via water balloon. In order to find our new leader, kids moved through several fun stations, including making some delicious bribes and filming campaign tiktoks. The night ended with the inauguration of President Levi, one of our Amelimot. His term will last all of tomorrow, although his powers seem to mostly just be honorary.

***Note from the author: Apologies if the blogs aren’t quite as meticulous in the next few days, I’ve been a bit under the weather so unable to put as much time and effort into writing as I’d like to. I really appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve gotten and promise quality will be back up as soon as possible!!