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Created: July 24, 2023 | by Camp Galil
A Wonderful Saturday

Hello Galil Family and Shabbat Shalom,

The campers get to enjoy a peaceful and well-deserved sleep in after a busy Friday night. We begin our day with delicious donuts for breakfast as a Shabbat treat! Children enjoy a relaxing start to their day while playing in Hyde Park and playing cards with their buddies. The Bogrimot offers interesting and entertaining chugim for the youngsters after breakfast. Serious chugim follows Bogrimot chugim. This is an opportunity for campers to study important subjects in a close-knit community where all opinions are valued and heard. After chugim, lunch is served. The campers eat their picnic-style meal outside with their age groups on Saturday. On the menu today was yummy Israeli salad, chicken, and pita. 

After that was Zman Kvutzah on the agenda. The children spend time with their tzrif (bunk) mates at Zman Kvutzah. The Amelimot and the Bogrimot made ambo friends while the ChoSy played in an epic ping pong match today. It’s crucial for the younger children to feel at ease because the Bogrimot are the older campers and the Amelimot are the smaller ones. Bogrimot and Amelimot are given the chance to couple up with Ambo Buddies, fostering a welcoming environment for them. After becoming ambo pals, we had an amazing pool party.

We then had musicale. The musicale gives kids a chance to perform in front of the entire camp. People display their artistic abilities through singing, dancing, reading poetry, playing instruments, and more. The campers are so brave and do an amazing job making everyone happy.  

Dinner was at a burrito bar, and we finished with kumzits. Before seeing the sun set for Havdalah, we sang songs. The next stop was Medurah, where we put on skits in front of an enormous bonfire.  We laughed and sang songs in Galil before heading to have glida (ice cream)! I’m looking forward to speaking with you tomorrow about a fantastic day at Camp Galil!