Activities at Camp

Thanks to our incredible staff, every year we add new activities and skills to our list of activities at camp!  Leadership training and youth empowerment are at the heart of every activity we do from playing sports as a team and supporting each other on the high ropes course to creating artistic performances for the camp and taking part in community service projects. 

Sports are a huge part of the day at Galil.  Summer vacation is an important opportunity to get kids outside, running around, and having fun! We offer sports every day with a variety for all interests and skill levels. In addition, sports can be chosen as an afternoon elective and many of our other programs involve physical activities.  Once a summer we also invite our sister camp from Maryland (Moshava) to join us for Maccabia, a day filled with sports and healthy competition.  Don't forget to pack your sneakers -- you're going to need them!  

  • Basketball                           Sports                             
  • Soccer      
  • Ultimate Frisbee  
  • Swimming      
  • Ga Ga      
  • Track      
  • Yoga      
  • Aerobics      
  • Football      
  • Baseball      
  • Kickball      
  • Floor Hockey      
  • Israeli Folk Dance  

Outdoor Adventure   
Every age group goes on three out-of-camp trips: one is something purely fun (a water park, bowling, laser tag, etc.), one is focused on community service (tikkun olam), and the last one is an overnight outdoors trip.  Trips usually involve hiking, rafting down the Delaware River, visiting a local lake/beach, pitching tents, and learning to build and cook over a campfire.  Back at Galil we have several hiking trails and a campsite within our 63-acre property.   Outdoor advanture  

We also offer team-building opportunities on our low ropes course and major thrills on the high ropes!  Our high ropes course has five elements including a zip line and giant's ladder. 

  • Zip Line      
  • Low Ropes Course      
  • Overnight Hiking Trips     
  • Outdoor Cooking      
  • Scouting (tzofiut)      


Arts and Crafts       
No camp experience would be complete without arts and crafts (melechet yad)!  Each summer we hire two full-time art specialists to help and teach new skills to our campers.  The arts and crafts center is open every day during all free periods as well as free swim in the afternoon and most of Shabbat.  If your child is a budding artist, s/he can also choose it for their afternoon elective.  

Arts and Crafts

  • Painting      
  • Drawing      
  • Sculpture 
  • Ceramics   
  • Sewing     
  • Knitting and Crocheting      
  • Photography      
  • Beading      
  • Jewelry Making      
  • Tie Dye      
  • Mosaics      
  • Murals      
  • Silk Screens   


Nature In addition to the outdoor adventures described above, Galil has its own organic garden and baby lambs that campers can help tend to. Everything that we grow in our garden is used in our kitchen to create the most delicious and nutritious meals!  In the front of the dining hall we update campers every day about what local, organic foods they are eating.   

Through our environmental educator, campers have the opportunity to work in the garden (planting seeds, watering, picking vegetables and herbs, preparing basic foods) and take care of the lambs while learning about issues around sustainability and food politics.    

  • Organic Gardening      
  • Animal Care      
  • Overnight Hiking Trips      
  • Hiking Trips Around Galil's 63-Acre Property      



Cultural Judaism       
Cultural JudaismAt Galil, we infuse every activity with Judaism and Jewish values.  Campers really learn what it means to be a Jew in contemporary American society and further their own personal connection with Judaism.  Shabbat is a very important and special time of the week. We have a different schedule that includes kabbalat Shabbat, Israeli dancing, a bonfire, opportunities to spend time in nature, and more.  To learn more about our Shabbat activities, please scroll to the bottom of our "Typical Day at Camp" page.  

  • Shabbat Observance      
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring      
  • Community Service (tikkun olam) Trips and Projects  



Israel Education       
A strong connection to Israel has been a fundamental part of the Galil experience since we opened our doors in 1946.  In fact, our barn (refet) was used to help smuggle weapons to Jewish activists in modern-day Israel before the 1948 War of Independence.  Now we share our love of Israel with campers by bringing in Israeli emissaries (shlichim) and running Israel Day.  We also teach Hebrew and Israeli culture through informal activities.  Campers don't need to sit at a desk to learn Hebrew at Galil!  Israel Education

  • Israel Day (Yom Yisrael)      
  • Israeli Counselors      
  • Hebrew Language      
  • Israeli Folk Dance      
  • Hebrew and Israeli Song Sessions     


Performing Arts       
There are many chances for campers to showcase their talents while at Galil.  On Friday night each age group takes turns writing, starring in, directing, and creating all costumes and props for an original performance for the rest of the camp.  We end Shabbat with Musicale, an opportunity for campers to sing, read poetry, or play instruments followed by a bonfire (medura) in which campers share their comedy and dance skills. 
Performing ArtsThere is a certain level of theatricality in everything that we do at Galil.  Many of our informal educational activities involve music, skits, and dancing.  These are also offered as afternoon electives.

  • Musical Instrument Lessons 
  • Drama      
  • Singing      
  • Israeli Folk Dance      
  • Comedy Performances      
  • Creative Writing   


AquaticsEach summer Galil brings in 2-3 certified lifeguards.  For our younger campers we provide instructional swim in the morning.  Everyone is welcome to free swim in the afternoon. Swimming is also offered as a sport and an elective. 

  • Instructional Swim (mandatory for campers until 7th grade)      
  • Free Swim      
  • Pool Parties    

Do you have any additional questions about the Galil experience?  Contact Molly Wernick, Community Director at (215) 832-0677 with any questions, comments, or concerns!