Capital Campaign

Introducing the Amy Adina Schulman Center at Camp Galil! 

Introducing the Amy Adina Schulman Center at Camp GalilThe first building is a moadon machaneh (assembly building) to replace our beloved former moadon. This building will provide a spacious multi-purpose room with a fireplace and porch for the entire Camp community to gather together in one space.  
The second is a modern two-story staff building housing a resource library, computers, office, and workspace for the design and planning of our creative Jewish educational programming. The second floor will house a staff lounge (moadon madrichim), giving staff a central place to go for off-periods while keeping them close to campers in a comfortable environment. 
Inspired by a late camper, this two building complex will be called The Amy Adina Schulman Center. Sadly Amy Adina's life was too short, but her commitment to the goals and ideals of Galil continues to inspire us and our campers.

In 2007, our capital campaign beganIn 2007, our capital campaign began in earnest with the help and guidance of the Grinspoon Institute. To date, the campaign has successfully raised over $800,000 out of our $1.1 million goal. Over one hundred individuals and foundations have led the way in this beginning stage of our campaign.
Now it's time to return to our roots. At Galil we teach the importance of working as a community and so we hope to do just that! In the spirit of kupa, we are searching for every member of the Galil family that we can find to participate in raising the remaining $300,000.   

Now it's time to return to our rootsWe know that one thing that makes us unique at Galil is that everyone wants to be a part of contributing to our community. So, we've come up with a way for all of you to be able to help us complete the buildings! Everyone who loves Galil and whose lives have been changed by Galil, will want to be a part of this exciting project to support Galil for the next 65 years.  
We hope that each and every one of us will look deep inside and stretch to help us reach this goal.

One way you can do this is to donate $1 per day for the next three years. When three hundred people join our campaign, we will reach our goal! 
For some of us, giving $1 a day for the next three years (just over $1,000) is a stretch, for some, we can do much more. What is the amount that will be a stretch and inspire you? Is it $3 a day? $10 a day? Find the amount that moves you and help us complete a project which will be used this summer and for future generations. 

You can make this pledge in the following ways:

  • Pay for the next three years all at once. 
  • Pay for your first year then we will bill you in future years. 
  • Pay for your first month then we will bill you in the months to come.
Donate Now!

If you would prefer to make your gift using a check, please complete this form and return it with the check to: Camp Galil, 2100 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.