The Galil camping experience is more than just a summer or childhood activity…it’s a lifetime of memories and relationships! We invite our alumni to stay connected to Galil, our campsite, and each other by hosting a number of events throughout the year. Please check this section of our website and our community calendar often for updates!

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Legacy Society

A legacy gift (a planned gift, bequest, deferred or estate gift) is an after-life gift that is left by the donor to the camp. Legacy gifts can be dollars amounts or percentages of a simple will; beneficiaries of life insurance or retirement benefits; or more complex estate planning and tax-saving vehicles. To learn more about the Legacy Society, contact David Weiss at

Thank You to our Migdal Mayim Legacy Society Members:

Hank Albert
Kevin Bernstein
Amit Bob
Allan Bralow
Donald Chinoy
Evan Chinoy
Deborah and Victor Chong
Benjamin Cohen
Brian Cohen
Jeff Cohen
Bart Davis
Ellie Davis
David Furst, PhD
Ilana Goldfus
Shoshi Goldfus
Dov Goldman
Susan Gordon
Alan Greenberg
Ilana Grubin
Alon Hafri
Arnold Horn
D’vorah Horn-Greenberg
Steven Ira Horn
Stella Grossman
Dodi Klimoff
Leonard Kornit*
Elad Kraus
Gary Krupka
Deborah and Jordan Lourie
Adrea Mehl
Rebecca Meyer
Lonny Moses
Mark Newman
Sue Nissan
Larry Oxenberg
Lynn Oxenberg
Michelle Oxenberg Krupka
Norman Oxenberg
Tal Oxenberg
Dan Piser and Deborah White
Ben Profeta
Emma Raymont
Michele Rifkin
Robin Rifkin
Rita Ross
Joe Ross
Beverly Rubman
Abbey Krain
Jacqueline Shahar
Bernice I.* and Leon Shore*
Carol Shore
Dr. Steve Shore
Dr. Debbie Silberg
Joe and Laura Silbermann
Dr. Michael Silverman
Talia Stein
James and Helene Sumerson
Adina Teibloom
Paul Waimberg
Sharon Waimberg
Steve J. Weinberg
Elli Weinstein*
Barbara and Daniel Weisman
Drs. Peter Weiss and Barbara Horn
Arielle Wernick
Molly Wernick
Neil Wernick
Barry Wilen
Kathy Wilf Liez, VMD

Get Involved!

At Galil we teach the value of empowering the members of our community regardless of age…and that includes our alumni! No matter how old you are or how many years it’s been since you were at Galil, we want you to be a part of our alumni programming! Please fill out this form to express your interest in helping to organize an upcoming alumni event.
I would be interested in helping on any of the following events:*
□ Alumni Day
□ Young Alumni Weekend
□ Rosh Hashanah Apple Picking
□ Sukkah Building and/or Sukkot Potluck
□ Dreidel Tournament
□ Tu B’Shvat Seder
□ Purim Event
□ Passover Freedom Seder
□ Lag B’Omer Bonfire
□ Shavuot Dairy Potluck
□ Tikkun Olam Projects
□ Other

Please elaborate if you have any ideas or special skills we should know about: