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Created: July 09, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Beautiful Shabbas

Hey Galil Families, today was our third Saturday of the summer. We had plenty of time to relax, but also a lot of fun! We started with a nice sleep-in until 10:30 which is always very appreciated, followed by the fan-favorite donut and cereal breakfast. Next were some fun bogrim chugim (interest groups run by the post-9th graders) and chugim ritzanim (interest groups about more serious topics). I ran one about for-profit media’s influence on American politics, but other chugim included neurodiversity, yoga, and a session about social justice-focused hip hop lyrics.

Later in the day, after a lot of time to relax, we had zman kvutzah, which are chill activities for each age group that focuses on bonding and reflection. I joined the madatz (CITs) and bogrimot for the reveal of MaBo buddies! Members of madatz and bogrimot are paired up for fun activities and to give each other support. Once the partners were revealed, they bonded with some discussion questions before having a pool party!

After some more chofesh and free swim, we gathered for the session’s third musicale which was full of singing, guitar, and dancing. I’m always impressed at the number of talented chanichimot we have! Tonight’s dinner was a barbeque of burgers and hot dogs, which is always delicious. After dinner, we did our havdalah ceremony to bring in the new week with some reflection and song. Next was time for the weekly medurah (bonfire)! There were some pretty creative acts as well as some old favorites. Finally, everyone’s favorite time of the week- glida (ice cream)!! Everyone got their fill, and then went to bed tired but happy. Goodnight!