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Created: August 04, 2022 | by Camp Galil
BoCoup! BoSlumber!

Hey Galil Families! 

Today we have a special guest star writing the blog… Lila from Bogrimot (oldest age group) because it was a very special day called BOCOUP! This meant that the Bogrimot (oldest age group) took over machaneh (camp) for half of the day, kicked out Tzevet (counselors) and Madatz (CITS), and ran really fun programming. We started off the day normally with breakfast, Avodah (work groups) and Pish Alef (activity with age group), but the Bogrimot (oldest age group) interrupted Pish Alef (activity with age group) to break Bocoup. The theme of Bocoup is BoSlumber, with dreams and moons and stars galore!

After a lunch of burritos and mocktails, the chanichimot (campers) proceeded to engage in a round robin, or a series of stations, which included rock climbing, eye mask decorating, and a haunted house. There was also a “chill” station in the moadon (meeting space) where chanichimot (campers) could unwind with shirley temples and mint lime seltzers. After the round robin, all of machaneh (camp) played hunger games, to fight the nightmares lurking around machaneh (camp), which involved spraying each other with water and shaving cream and having great fun while doing so!

To wash off after the hunger games, there was a pool party to celebrate the defeat of the nightmares. Then the chanichimot (campers) ate dinner and had a GLOW IN THE DARK FOAM PARTY under the stars. 



Now… for a special Nitzanimot update!

They started their first full day with all of machaneh (camp) with BIG smiles on their faces :). We moved from breakfast right down to the creek to scavenge for materials to build rafts. 

Then, we decorated cakes with tons of icing, sprinkles, and cookies to be enjoyed later at an early birthday celebration for one of our chanichimot (campers). 

There was an intense competition that followed with sponge and egg races. They had an hour at the pool to cool down for free swim and then went to play in the bouncy castle! 

It was an incredible day and we are so very happy to have them here with us <3