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Created: June 24, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Braving The Rain

Good evening Galil! Our first full day was amazing despite the rain that came down for most of the day. The typically-outside hitkansut boker (morning flag-raising) and ivrit shimushit (morning hebrew skit) were moved inside, but the chanichimot (campers) still had fun and brought the energy! After a scrumptious waffle and fruit breakfast, everyone did some cleaning and then started their first peulah (age group activity) of the day.

Peulot are arguably the most important part of Galil programming, as they give our chanichimot the chance to not only learn about issues and concepts that they may not have been taught in school, but to make close connections to each other and grow as a kvutzah (age group). In addition, peulot allow our madrichim (counselors) to run programming about things that they are passionate about.

Today, the Amelimot (post 3rd and 4th graders) learned about consent and talked about why boundaries are important. Parpar (post 5th and 6th graders) talked about taking care of their space and collective responsibility for their common spaces. The Tzophimot (post 7th graders) discussed the importance of safe spaces and how to create a comfortable environment for one another. The Bonimot (post 8th graders) had a conversation about high school, looking at how its portrayal in the media compares with reality. Their madrichimot also answered their chanichimot‘s questions and calmed their pre-freshman nerves. The Bogrimot (post 9th graders) had cafe-style small group discussions catching up with each other from the past year. They also discussed how they will set up their kupa, the collective budget used to order snacks and other supplies.

The rest of the day went as normal, with chugim (interest groups) and sports following a delicious grilled cheese lunch. Tonight’s tochnit erev (evening activity) was an alien-themed activity where the chanichimot got to meet the entire tzevet (staff). Tomorrow is our first shabbat, so stay tuned for some special content!