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Created: August 07, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Caravan and more!

Hello Galil friends! What a fun-filled day we had here at machaneh! We started the day right with bagels and eggs for breakfast, and went straight into avodah. Then, we had nikayon, which was followed by a special performance by the Israeli Scouts! The Israel Scouts Friendship Caravan is made up of members of the Israel Scouts youth movement, and they spend all summer touring the US performing. In fact, this was their last show of the summer. The Tzophim joined us for the first time in 3 years, and it was amazing. They told a story through song and dance, and even got us to join them! We loved having them here and hope to see them again next year! 

We also said goodbye to the Nitzanimot who were doing Taste of Galil and the MBI-ers. We can’t wait to see them next summer for Amelimot and Madatz!

Then, we ate a yummy pasta lunch with a side of veggies. Today we had a little “Hebrew Table,” where all the Hebrew speakers at machaneh, as well as those that wanted to learn, sat together and conversed in Hebrew. It was a great way for the chanichimot to practice their language skills!

After lunch we had chuggim, where chug “Frisbee Socks” competed to pick up socks in the creek. The chanichimot had a lot of fun, cooling off in the creek and at the same time competing with friends.  

Later we had sports, the sport of the day being ultimate frisbee! Lots of chanichimot joined the game, and the others went to take a splash in the pool. It was a very sunny day today and the water activities were much appreciated.

During rachatza we rinsed off and got ready for shira, where we learned a very popular shabbat song, “Everybody Loves Saturday Nights!” Then, after dinner we had a very meaningful tochnit erev planned by tzevet’s Anti-Racism vaad (committee). The chanichimot had a few different stations they could go to. One watched a documentary called “Summer of Soul,” another discussed “Afrofuturism”, a third explored different art pieces of “Black Joy,” and a fourth explored “Black Joy” in the context of Black storytelling. We ended the night by talking about our experiences in each of our groups and sharing what we learned. The kids went to bed after a long and very exciting day!

Signing off,