Dates and Rates

Full Summer

June 22 - August 14
New Camper: $8,500

Second Session

July 20 - August 14
New Camper: $4,250

Mini-Session Alef

June 22 - July 6
New Camper: $2,750

Mini-Session Bet

July 20 - August 3
New Camper: $2,750

First Session

June 22-July 17
New Camper: $5,250

Taste of Galil

August 3-August 7
Grades 2 and 3 only


June 20 - August 14

Please note: The only additional cost is a $30 Habonim Dror membership fee (mas).

If you have questions, or would like assistance registering your child for Camp Galil contact us at (215) 832-0677 or

Summer 2022 COVID-19 Update

We are hopeful that things will look dramatically better in our world come next summer; and we also know that we can deliver an amazing camp experience no matter the challenge – therefore Galil will once again offer Taste of Galil and Second Session options, but we reserve the right to make adjustments if the need should arise.

We are requiring all campers on our camp property to be fully vaccinated, as defined by the CDC, against COVID-19. Camp Galil has a long history of requiring vaccinations for our community, and we believe strongly that preserving life and maintaining the health of our entire community is a core Jewish value. Knowing that our entire age-eligible community will be vaccinated against COVID-19 allows us to also adjust other mitigation strategies from this past summer. We will have additional information about these adjustments in the coming months, but we look forward to returning to a more typical summer experience in many ways.

Special Savings: Ways to Make Camp More Affordable

Camp Galil provides a range of opportunities to encourage families to choose Jewish overnight camp and save money on the cost of camp. Additional opportunities may exist through your synagogue or in your community.

  • First time campers may be eligible for special community sponsored or Camp Galil sponsored grants through the One Happy Camper program. These incentive grants are awarded regardless of economic need. There are different eligibility requirements and grant amounts depending on your community. In addition, we offer special pricing for first-time campers.
  • Camp Galil Sibling Discount: Register more than one child from your family for camp and save $150 for a second child and $250 for every subsequent sibling. Discount will be reflected on first tuition statement.
  • Scholarship is available. Grants are based on financial need and are allocated on a first-come, first served basis. All applications are confidential. For more information, email