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Created: June 28, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Dorney Park!

Shalom Camp Galil community!

Today was an extra special day, it was a Kupah Trip! After breakfast, we all went to Avodah which was interrupted by an announcement for everyone to go to the Moadon. Everyone gathered on the front mirpest and watched as the truck drove up, with Mazkirut in the back. They held up a sign announcing that it was Kupah Trip! And even better, that we were going to Dorney Park. 

All the kids went back with their madrichimot to their tzrifim to change into bathing suits and this year’s galil t-shirt designed by the talented beit omanut specialist, Hannah Stanley. We then all boarded the buses and began on our way to the park.

In the parking lot, we all had a picnic before entering the theme park. While there everyone was split into smaller groups so they could all be chaperoned. 

Then it was finally time to enter the park. Everyone made their way to the attractions they wanted to see most. They got to ride on the Talon and the Hydra, as well as other roller coasters. Some kids also made their way to the water park, which was good since it had to be shut down a bit later thanks to the rain. But they got a couple hours in thankfully.

After a long day of excitement, we all filed back onto the buses, getting ready to head back to machane, only to find another surprise! The buses pulled around to an ice cream shop, where everyone got a scoop of their flavor of choice. Only then, after everyone had a chance to get a treat did we head back to camp. 

There was then some rest time followed by a pasta bar dinner. Everyone filled up on spaghetti and salad before resting for a bit. 

We concluded the day with a movie night, where everyone gathered in the Moadon for a movie.