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Created: July 17, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Final Goodbyes

Hey Galil, this is my last post as communications specialist 🙁 I hope you have enjoyed the blogs and the photos as much as I enjoyed creating them. It was amazing to walk around machaneh every day and document the amazing things happening every day. I saw so much growth, so much love, and so much joy everywhere I went. The last few days, I have been going around and asking our kids what Galil means to them, and I wanted to share some of their answers. Enjoy!

“Galil is a place where I can connect to other teens and kids who are younger than me and enjoy the time that I have making connections that last a lifetime”

“Galil means a place full of diversity and a place where everyone can be what they want to be”

“Galil is a place where everyone is accepted and loved and everyone works together to accomplish goals”

“When my parents looked up nearby summer camps, Galil came up. They thought it was just a regular summer camp but it is a lot more”

“Galil is a place where everything is unconditional. There is unconditional caring and respect for each other. You have your kvutzah, which is like your family- it’s like you’re going away from home but you’re still home.”

“Galil is a place where everyone feels like family and you can be whoever you want to be and nobody will judge you”

Thank you all for joining me on this journey! Second session begins on July 20, so stay tuned for a brand new blogger! Peace.