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Created: July 17, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Final Messiba

Hey Galil families, today was our last full day of the session- we had a beautiful day despite the fact that some of us are leaving tomorrow. We started in the typical Saturday fashion, sleeping in and eating a breakfast of donuts and cereal before Bogrimot chugim which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Then, we had chugim ritzanim (serious interest groups) which included a discussion about neurodiversity, time to read, music listening and discussion, and a session to learn about the CIA and their wrongdoings.

Next was a picnic lunch of falafel, hummus, salad, and chips! Saturday lunches are always a great time to chill and enjoy each others’ company. After some time to rest and pack, we had some free swim and a little snack. Before dinner was our fourth and final musicale, which featured some pretty amazing acts. Throughout the whole day, it seemed like everyone was making sure to appreciate all that they had experienced and accomplished through four weeks.

We walked into the chadar ochel expecting a normal dinner, but we were greeted with a fancy setup featuring decorations, glasses of sparkling juice, and the “queen” sitting up front. This was a precursor for the theme of our final messiba (party), which was final messiball. After we finished our posh dinner of finger sandwiches and roasted veggies, we all met outside for some songs and our Havdallah ritual. Havdallah is one of my favorite times of the week, and this one was extra special. Next was medurah, our giant bonfire full of fun acts. Usually we have glidah (ice cream) after the fire, but this week everyone headed to the moadon where a party was waiting! We had a bunch of fun stations, including one where kids could pie madrichimot in the face, one where they could send messages to each other, and even get married under the supervision of a “rabbi!” Everyone had a great time, but the night was just beginning for many. It’s custom for kids to stay up late doing fun activities planned by their madrichimot like baking cookies, going for a night swim, and other bonding activities. While it will be sad to say goodbye to some friends tomorrow, everyone had a great night. See you tomorrow for my last post!