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Created: August 14, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Final Messibanana Warfare

Hey Galil families, today was our last full day of the summer. Despite the sadness we are all feeling, we had a beautiful day. We started in the typical Saturday fashion, sleeping in and eating a breakfast of donuts and cereal before Bogrimot chuggim which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Then, we had chuggim ritzanim (serious interest groups) which included a discussion about the Iraq War and Profiteering, time to read, music listening and discussion, and a session to learn about the importance of gossip to women in the renaissance.

Next was a picnic lunch of falafel, hummus, salad, and chips! Saturday lunches are always a great time to chill and enjoy each others’ company. After some time to rest and pack (some chanichimot were better at that than others), we had some free swim and a little snack. Before dinner was our fourth and final musicale, which featured some pretty amazing acts. Throughout the whole day, it seemed like everyone was making sure to appreciate all that they had experienced and accomplished through the summer.

Then, we all walked to the chadar ochel (dining hall) for a surprise Minion themed dinner. At the end of every summer, we have a messibah (party), and this year, the theme was final messibanana warfare. We knew what the how the banana part fit into the theme, but the warfare part only made sense at the end of dinner when some smurfs ran in and started to fight the minions. That was the warfare part. The rest of the night went pretty normally with everyone dressed as smurfs or minions for Kumzitz and Havdallah and Medurah. It was very sad to see everyone put on their final Medurah acts of the summer, but we quickly got over it as we moved to Wish Night! At the beginning of the session, all of the chanichimot wrote down a wish they wanted granted, and tonight, different madrichimot granted said wishes. One of the funnier ones was granted to someone in bogrimot. She had wished for some drinks from Wawa, so different madrichimot flocked around her like geese before delivering to her open arms a large pitcher of decaf coffee. Finally, it was time for the actual messibah. We partied late into the night and then everyone was sent to bed. Of course, some people caused some shenanigans on this final night, but for the most part people cherished their time together knowing that tomorrow they would be going home.

Goodbye for the final time, Amos:)