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Created: June 23, 2023 | by Camp Galil
First Day of Camp!

Hello friends and family of the Galil community! My name is Sydra Minkoff and I am going to be the communications specialist for this session. This means I will be writing the blogs and taking as many photos as I can. Am in kvutzah 72 and this is my second year on tzevet (Staff). Along with being communication specialist I am also tzevet Bogrimot. This summer is going to be amazing and I am eager to give you a look inside what is going on at camp!

Our first day started bright and early, and made their way to the Moadon, where the chanichimot all gathered after waking up to ABBA playing all across the campsite. At the Moadon, they participated in hitkansut boker led to the introduction of this sessions’ ivrit shimushit, the skit held every weekday morning to teach some hebrew. This year they  were transported to “Eretz Ootz”, or the Galil-version of the “Wizard of Oz”. After the performance, everyone headed to a delicious smoothie-bowl-breakfast at the chadar. 

After breakfast every weekday, the kids go to their respective avodahs (jobs). This includes anything from organizing the Beit Omanut (art shack) to helping build the bonfire for saturday nights. Today each chanichol got to meet their avodah groups and learn about their specific jobs. Following avodah they go back to their tzrifim (cabins) for a bit of cleaning time to maintain a healthy living environment. 

After nikayon each kvutzah went to a different sadna’ah, a new program being run by the specialists. During this time they learn about what each of the specialists do at machane and do various projects with them. For instance making jewlery with the Beit Omanut specialist, Hannah S. or working in the Gan (garden and goat pen) with David H.D. and Ethan B., or meal prep with tzevet mitbach. This program allows the chanichimot to further engage with the specialists and gain a new appreciation for what they bring to machane. 

Next was pish alef, the first discussion/ activity based programming held for the kvutzot run by their madrichimot of the day. Each age group had different programs. The youngest kids had instructional swim while other kids talked about consent or what it means to be in a kvutzah all together through fun activities like a make-shift chopped. 

After Pish Alef it was time for a delicious lunch of mac and cheese and a side of perfectly seasoned asparagus. 

The afternoon was also full of fun activities. For instance chuggim, which are special interest groups. Some kids got to bring out their inner Dungeons and Dragons characters while others played jurors in a mock trial including wild costumes and ridiculous scenarios. The afternoon also included Pish Bet, another time for kvutah programming where kids learned about kvutzah, consent and other introduction topics to life at machane. They also played sports, with basketball as the ‘sport of the day’ with swimming and running as alternative options as well. 

Following sports, the chanichimot washed off and made their way to Shirah (singing), where they learned a classic Galil fight song called “Chickamaleo” then lowered the flags at the flagpole during the following activity, Hitkansut Erev. From which, they made their way to an amazing dinner of beef (or tofu) stew and mashed potatoes. 

The tochnit-evev, or evening activity after dinner was a Eurovision song competition, where each kvutzah came up with a dance and performed it at a spectacular show for the judges in the Pavilion. Each group gave an amazing performance, forcing a tie in the end. After which, they went to their tzrifim (cabins) and started getting ready to go to sleep.