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Created: July 07, 2024 | by Camp Galil
First Shabbat!

Shalom, Galil families!

After a nice little sleep-in, camp began as normal on Friday. For breakfast, we had muffins made by the Bogrimot. Next, kids headed off to some extended avodah and nikayon tzrif in order to get the campsite and their tzrifim ready for Shabbat. After every part of camp had been cleared of all but an acceptable minimum amount of dirt and gunk, chanichimot headed off to their first pish with the Madatz, where each kvutzah participated in fun activities to get to know their new counselors in training.

Before going to lunch, all of machaneh gathered by the mini mo for Shabbat Shira. To show their ruach, many campers showed up wearing fun costumes. After learning some fun new songs, everyone grabbed some delicious pizza and had lunch outside in Hyde Park. As the name suggests, Hyde Park is also a space where the kids have an opportunity to make suggestions for how we can change camp for the better. Some suggestions this week included AC for the tzrifim (not happening) and 10 minutes a week for kids to go in the Beit Tzevet (DEFINITELY not happening). After topping off their meal with popsicles, kids went off to some free time to play sports and swim. As the afternoon wound down, chanichimot went to their tzrifim to start getting ready for shabbat. 

Before they helped ring in Shabbat, chanichimot split into their Mishpachot (family) groups. Together, they reflected on their week and formed bonds outside their age groups. Then, everyone headed to the mini mo for Kabbalat Shabbat, a performance that one kvutzah takes on each week. This week, the Bogrimot sang a Hebrew song, then performed one of our rikkud dances, then sang a rendition of What a Wonderful World. Then, all of machaneh sat down to a delicious Shabbat dinner of matzo ball soup, chicken/tofu, sweet potatoes, broccoli, golden beets, and challah. Next was Shabbat Shira (singing), Oneg (play) performed by the Madatz, and Rikkud (dancing). These lively Shabbat traditions tired the chanichimot out and they headed to bed. 

Saturday morning started with a generous sleep in featuring a roll-in style breakfast of donuts and sugar cereal. Then, chanichimot chose from the list of Bogrimot Chuggim (interest groups run by the oldest campers), which included songwriting and Rubik’s cube solving. Afterwards, they attended Chuggim Ritzanim (serious interest groups), which included education on the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Supreme Court immunity ruling, and how to write a letter. 

For lunch, each kvutzah chose a different place at machaneh to eat. The picnic-style meal was pita, falafel, and Israeli salad. After some restful chofesh (free time), it was time for Zman Kvutzah, where madrichimot ran fun bonding activities for their chanichim. Then it was sports/free swim, where campers participated in a game of basketball and cooled off in the pool. They enjoyed a snack of cheez-its before gathering for Musicale, the weekly talent show. This week’s show featured several epic parodies of popular songs, plus some great covers. 

After dinner was Kumzitz, where we sang classic campfire songs together, and Havdalah, where everyone relaxed and reflected on the week. Then, chanichim headed down to the firepit for Medurah, a giant campfire featuring silly acts like making eggs, rant of the week, and bozos. Finally, the Madatz served everyone glida (ice cream) with delicious toppings and rocking tunes. 

What a wonderful first Shabbat at camp, we can’t wait to do it again next week!