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Created: July 08, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Friday at Machaneh!

Greetings, Galil Community!

Today was a fun-filled Friday. The day started off with Hitkansut Boker and Ivrit Shimushit. We learned the word “tzeva” which means color, in Hebrew. Then, we moseyed on over to the Chadar Ochel for a yummy breakfast of muffins, eggs, yogurt, and cereal. A new muffin flair debuted, sunbutter chocolate chip, and it was delish. Then, we split into groups for avodah. After avodah, we cleaned the tzrifim extra thoroughly for Shabbat. 

After nikayon tzrif, we all gathered in the Moadon to hear Barbara, or Bluejay, speak. She is an educator of the Lene Lenape Nation, the nation of indigenous people who used to live on the land on which Galil now stands. We learned about the status of Barbara’s tribe in Pennsylvania, as well as some creative uses for common plants found in local forests. Afterwards, we split into kvutzot to play some Lenape games. 

Following our workshop with Bluejay, we went to the mini-mo for some exciting Shabbat shira! We learned some classic Galil hits and even had a sing-off! Then, we did our weekly lice-checking and ate some splendid pizza in Hyde Park. Every Friday, we have a tradition where the kiddos do a silly walk up to a big rock in Hyde Park. Then, they get to say what they think needs improving around machaneh. Next, we had chofesh and getting ready for Shabbat. There was free swim, kickball, nail-painting, and an intense Euker tournament. 

We all put on nice Shabbat clothes and split into our mishpachot, where we shared our roses and thorns of the week. Then, we sang songs and the madrichimot of each kvutzah blessed their chanichimot. After hitkansut erev, the Tzophimot put on an adorable kabbalat performance. Then, we had dinner, which was chicken, seitan, rice, and cauliflower. It was scrumptious. After dinner, we sang some more songs in Hebrew and then went to the refet for the oneg. The sayarimot performed the oneg this Shabbat and it was very, very silly. After the oneg, we headed to the pavilion for rikkud. We took a brief intermission to find out who won the golden broom this week. To their delight, it was the shack-dwellers! We had a blast and danced to our heart’s content. We ended the night with some refreshing watermelon, and then went to bed after an exciting day!