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Created: July 14, 2023 | by Camp Galil
Fun Day!

Shalom, Galil Community!

Today was jam-packed with fun activities and education. We began our day, as always, with Hitkansut Boker. Instead of Ivrit Shimushit this morning, we had a special treat! One of our shlichim taught all of machaneh a new game. We played it together and sang some songs. Then, we went to the chadar ochel for a delicious breakfast: smoothie bowls. Smoothie bowls is my personal favorite breakfast at Galil. We noshed on smoothies, yogurt, granola, berries, coconut flakes, and sun butter. 

Then, we split into groups for avodah. In medurah, we chopped some wood and collected kindling for the bonfire on Saturday night. After avodah, we cleaned the tzrifim. Then, we split into our kvutzot for saadnaot. The nemerimot went to the gan and the creek to build boats and skip rocks. Sayarimot played improv games, while tzophimot decorated cupcakes for their special Yom Tzophimot. Following sadnaot, each kvutzah met with their madrichimot for their first peulah of the day! Bogrimot discussed antiracism at machane, bonimot practiced for kabbalat shabbat, and nemerimot ahd instructions swim time. 

Then, we had lunch, which was wraps with veggies, chicken, chickpeas, and bulgar. After lunch, we had zman menucha and then chuggim. During chuggim, Chug D&D played life-sized D&D and Chug Degrassi watched an episode of Degrassi and discussed its themes. After Chuggim came Pish Bet. The sayarimot had a peulah about Habonim Dror as a youth movement and nemerimot did a silly activity about smurfs. Then, we had kibud and headed into zman sports. The sport of the day was volleyball and it was a big hit!

The kids showered and had some free time. There was lots of card-playing, bracelet-making, and basketball. Then, we gathered for Shirah and Hitkansut Erev. After Hitkansut, we went to dinner, which was beef stew. Following dinner was tochnit erev. Tonight, our theme was neurodiversity. We went to different stations to try fun activities that represented multiple intelligences.. 

Everybody went to be happy and tired at the end of a packed day. 

Signing off,