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Created: August 01, 2019 | by Camp Galil
I Spy…

Hey everyone! 

Gali the sheep here reporting from Agency of Covert Espionage (ACE) Headquarters. The Camp Galil Refet (barn) has been transformed because we’re doing something different today. Can’t you tell… I’m even using a different font to tell the story. 

Shortly after a BBQ cookout in Hyde Park for lunch today, the entire machaneh (camp) was gathered like we always do for post-meal hodaot (announcements). Just when we were about to finish, a strange announcement came over the walkie-talkie channel…

“Machaneh Galil? Can you hear me?!” It was Adam, one of our fourth-year madrichimot (counselors) sounding a little panicked.

“Can you all meet me on the ropes course? I need to come tell you something extremely sensitive and Hyde Park is too public.” 

We headed down to the ropes course to find Adam and his team of spies repelling from a tree. 

“We’ve been watching you” they told us with their red bow ties and Groucho Marx glasses, on under their ropes course helmets. “We need your help to save the future of Camp Galil. Come meet us at HQ for some spy training.” 

Just like that we entered ACE HQ and learned to become spies. We stood around the situation room to discuss resources and strategy. We checked in on our intuition and social intelligences, to help read those we’d encounter as either friend or foe. We did stealth training to make sure we could count on our minds and our bodies to carry forth any mission. 

Not a moment too soon, we got word that Hannah, one of our Madatz (counselors in training) and top spy recruits, had been kidnapped by an unknown agent. She was not the first and she would not be the last… that is unless we do something to stop it. 

And that, friends, is where we leave you. Wish us luck. 

Go Go Gadget, 

Gali the Sheep

Ps. What is a sheep’s favorite secret spy fighter move? A lamb chop!