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Created: July 19, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Intersession: Eventathon!

Hey Galil families, it’s Abby again! As Jonah mentioned in the previous blog, second session starts on July 20th, but first session ended yesterday. In the time between the two sessions, we have a period called intersession, which we as Madatz (C.I.T.’s) run! Every year, intersession is given a theme for all the activities to be based around, and this year our theme is Inter70s! Yesterday, after our first session friends left, intersession began with pickle making, where chanichimot (campers) were able to choose various seasonings to add to their jars, as well as vegetables to pickle. After dinner, we ran our own little “Watergate” as a tochnit erev (evening activity). Chanichimot were sent into the Moadon (great hall) where the lights were off, and they were tasked with finding candy throughout scattered benches as if finding “evidence.”

Today we began with a short sleep-in before a hearty breakfast of eggs and potatoes. Following breakfast, we ran some chill chugim (clubs), such as bracelet making, cards, hair braiding, and watching 70’s SNL clips. Then, everyone came together to do some chill art where chanichimot were able to do scratch art and window paint art.

After lunch, we left machaneh for our annual intersession movie where we were able to rent an entire theater! Us Madatz were huge advocates for Minions: The Rise of Gru, and that’s luckily what we got to see. A lot of popcorn and Twizzlers were consumed during our time at the movies, which was also great. It was a happy coincidence that the movie took place in the ’70s, perfect for our theme!
Following our return to machaneh (campt), we spent our tochnit erev bonding with our smaller intersession community. Chanichimot were split into groups in the Moadon and given various prompts about their lives both at machaneh and throughout the year. While listening to chill music, these prompts allowed chanichimot who previously did not talk frequently to get to better know one another and created stronger connections within our community. For SNL (Snack Night Late), we served Arnold Palmers and returned their pickle jars, where everyone was able to sample their own machaneh-made pickles. While this most definitely hasn’t been our most-packed day here, it was still a lot of fun and we’re so excited to plan and run the rest of intersession!