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Created: July 13, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Kangaroo Court!

Hey Galil families, we had our last “normal” day of the session today- it’s sad, but also amazing how far we’ve come! We began the day, as always, with hitkansut boker, breakfast, and avodah. After the morning routine, we had our first peulah shichva (age group activity) of the day. The amelimot (post 3rd and 4th graders) went on the high ropes course for the second time during this period, and it was awesome to see how much more confidence they had this time around. The course can be challenging for kids that young, but I was thoroughly impressed! The parpar (post 5th and 6th graders) had an activity about water pollution and talked about potential solutions. The Bonimot (post 8th graders) learned about moments of injustice in American history and “edited” the declaration of independence to more accurately reflect the founders’ intentions. The Bogrimot (post 9th graders) had a discussion about body image and society’s impact on how we view ourselves.

When I mentioned it was the last normal day, I’m talking about everyone except the tzophimot (post 7th graders) who had yom tzophim! They got to sleep in and had special activities separate from the rest of machaneh. Including climbing on the rock wall, running around in giant inflatable hamster balls, baking a cake for themselves, watching a movie, and night swimming! It was a great day for the tzophimot to have some fun and bond with each other before the end of the session

Tonight’s tochnit erev was one that happens every year and is always highly anticipated: Kangaroo Court! Over the last few days, we have been encouraging chanichimot to “sue” their madrichimot by filling out a form to go to trial. Tonight, we turned the chadar ochel into a medieval-themed courtroom and tried each madrichol for their crimes in front of the entire camp. There was plenty of justice served alongside all the fun that we had! After the court, there was a suprise announcement that our sheep had escaped! Don’t worry, it was all part of the plan for tomorrow, which is special day! This is one of the most fun days of the whole summer, so stay tuned! See you tomorrow.