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Created: August 01, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Kayitz Kef!

Hey Galil families!

Today was a great yom ragil that started with hitkansuit boker as usual and ivrit shimushit teaching us a word through a skit. The word of the day today was kayitz which means summer, and our kayitz is going swimmingly! For breakfast we had our classic sunday morning bagel spread to fuel us before catching up on avodah that we missed by resting on shabbat yesterday.

The madatz offered different activites to choose from during their morning peula time, and then the chanichimot separated into their kvutzot for pish alef. The Amelimot enjoyed this sunny kayitz day by doing instructional swim during this time. The Shorishimot did a mock tiyul to prepare them for our camp-wide camping trip tomorrow! The tzophimot watched a documentary and talked about prison reform, and the bonimot had a zionism peula with special guest Guy Brenkel Shaliach! Our lovely Bogrimot have started tiyul before the rest of camp and will join the rest of us tomorrow.

For lunch we all made our own buffalo chicken caesar salad wraps. With our appetites satisfied, we continued the rest of the day’s programming with chuggim, pish bet, kibbud, sports, and schiya chofeshit. After everyone showered we learned a song about pomegranates during shira before hitkansuit erev, which we all sang loud and proud during dinner. 

For tochnit erev, we paid a visit to our grandparents at the nursing home and enjoyed activities such as bocce, water aerobics, and shuffleboard. Then we all ended the night by packing for our tiyul tomorrow and going to sleep early so we’re all energized and ready for the great day ahead of us!

P.S. there will be no blog post tomorrow because we won’t have wifi in the woods 🙂

Talk to you all soon!