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Created: July 28, 2022 | by Camp Galil
Krazy Kupa Trip 🤪

Hey Galil families, today was our Kupa Trip. That’s when we leave machaneh (camp) and have a day full of fun activities for the chanichimot (campers). This morning before the excitement began, the chanichimot thought that they were in for a normal day. They started with hitkansut boker (morning flag raising), and then during ivrit shimushit (practical Hebrew/Hebrew learning skit), there was a unique skit that revealed how today would be full of extra kef (fun). After being told to go back to their tzrifim (cabins) and put on bathing suits, the chanichimot made their way to the chadar ochel (dining hall) for a breakfast of quiche and veggie sausages. After they were all filled up, they made their way down to the parking lot and got on the buses.

Our first stop of the day was Hopewell Quarry, a venue that had the deepest body of water that many of the chanichimot and madrichimot (counselors) had ever been to. Some sections of the quarry were filled with water that reached depths of 55 feet! Around the quarry, there were many diving boards varying in height. The most exciting place to jump from was 12 feet above the water. After making a splash off of the highest diving board, chanichimot were given a chance to chill in the water and float around or soak up the Sun on the wooden platforms in the middle of the lake. Once they were all tired out, they made their way to the picnic area where they were served chicken or tofu sandwiches grilled by our wonderful tzevet mitbach (kitchen staff), who also whipped up four delicious sauces: lemon pepper, buffalo, barbecue, and teriyaki. After devouring the meal, they let their stomaches settle in preparation for a dramatic volleyball tournament, which had chanichimot diving all over the sand pit they were playing in.

The chanichimot thought that we were going back to machaneh after the exciting morning, but little did they know that we planned for a second activity after visiting the quarry. When they got off the bus for the second time, they were shocked to find that they had a chance to compete against each other in a few rounds of mini-golf. A few of the amelimot (workers)—our youngest chanichimot—even got holes in one!

Even though Kupa Trip had come to an end, there was still so much kef in the evening. After taking some time to rinse off from the quarry and rest from the tiring day, the chanichimot were given a classic Israeli dinner of burekas and tomato and cucumber salad. With the final meal of the day finished, the chanichimot were then told to go to the moadon (great hall) to help bring the energy back after the “power outage”. Unfortunately, the moadon was dark due to the “power outage”, so there are no picture from the tochnit erev (evening activity). However, the chanichimot had loads of fun raising the energy participating in various activities such as hamboning and spook in the nook (hide and seek in the dark). Thankfully, the chanichimot had enough energy to raise the power levels back up enough for the lights to be turned back on. Ironically, this was when it was time to go to bed, but thankfully, the chanichimot were so tired out by the day full of excitement that as soon as their heads hit their pillows they drifted right off to sleep.

Tune back in tomorrow, Amos